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Wisconsin's rare species and natural communities.
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Natural Heritage Inventory data county tool

La Crosse County Natural Heritage Inventory data

The following is a list of species and natural features on the Natural Heritage Working List that have been documented in La Crosse County. These data are provided for general planning and assessment purposes only and should not be used for screening or reviewing proposed land development or land management projects. Learn about other methods for obtaining data, including project-specific data.

La Crosse County graphic

Click on the table headings to sort the table, and click on a heading again to change the sort order. The scientific names link to pages with more information about each species or natural community. The count shown is the number of locations in La Crosse County where each species or feature has been documented and incorporated in the NHI Database. There are likely many additional locations which have not yet been documented. Also, these data were last updated on July 18, 2017, so there may be more recent county records not reflected here. Return to the county tool.
Scientific Name Common Name WI
Woodsia oregana ssp. cathcartiana Oregon Woodsia SC Rare Plants
Vireo bellii Bell's Vireo THR Rare Birds
Truncilla donaciformis Fawnsfoot THR Rare Mussels and Clams
Tritogonia verrucosa Buckhorn THR Rare Mussels and Clams
Sturnella neglecta Western Meadowlark SC/M Rare Birds
Strophostyles leiosperma Small-flowered Woolly Bean SC Rare Plants
Stream--fast, hard, cold Stream--Fast, Hard, Cold NA Springs and Streams
Southern sedge meadow Southern Sedge Meadow NA Herbaceous Communities - Sedge Meadows, Fens, and Bogs
Southern mesic forest Southern Mesic Forest NA Southern Forests
Southern dry-mesic forest Southern Dry-mesic Forest NA Southern Forests
Southern dry forest Southern Dry Forest NA Southern Forests
Sistrurus catenatus Eastern Massasauga END LT Rare Reptiles
Simpsonaias ambigua Salamander Mussel THR SOC Rare Mussels and Clams
Silene nivea Snowy Campion SC Rare Plants
Shrub-carr Shrub-carr NA Shrub Communities
Setophaga citrina Hooded Warbler THR Rare Birds
Setophaga cerulea Cerulean Warbler THR SOC Rare Birds
Scutellaria parvula var. parvula Small Skullcap END Rare Plants
Scleria triglomerata Whip Nutrush SC Rare Plants
Sand prairie Sand Prairie NA Herbaceous Communities - Prairies
Sand barrens Sand Barrens NA Selected Habitats
Riverine Lake/Pond Riverine Lake/Pond NA Lakes and Ponds
Quadrula quadrula Mapleleaf SC/P Rare Mussels and Clams
Quadrula metanevra Monkeyface THR Rare Mussels and Clams
Protonotaria citrea Prothonotary Warbler SC/M Rare Birds
Primula fassettii Jeweled Shooting Star SC Rare Plants
Potamogeton vaseyi Vasey's Pondweed SC Rare Plants
Polytaenia nuttallii Prairie Parsley THR Rare Plants
Polyodon spathula Paddlefish THR Rare Fishes
Plethobasus cyphyus Sheepnose END LE Rare Mussels and Clams
Platanthera leucophaea Eastern Prairie White Fringed Orchid END LT Rare Plants
Platanthera hookeri Hooker's Orchid SC Rare Plants
Platanthera flava var. herbiola Pale Green Orchid THR Rare Plants
Pituophis catenifer Gophersnake SC/P Rare Reptiles
Pine relict Pine Relict NA Southern Forests
Percina evides Gilt Darter THR Rare Fishes
Pellaea atropurpurea Purple-stem Cliff-brake SC Rare Plants
Pantherophis spiloides Gray Ratsnake SC/P Rare Reptiles
Orobanche fasciculata Clustered Broomrape THR Rare Plants
Opuntia fragilis Brittle Prickly-pear THR Rare Plants
Ophisaurus attenuatus Slender Glass Lizard END Rare Reptiles
Nothocalais cuspidata Prairie False-dandelion SC Rare Plants
Northern wet forest Northern Wet Forest NA Northern Forests
Myotis septentrionalis Northern Long-eared Bat THR LT Rare Mammals
Myotis lucifugus Little Brown Bat THR Rare Mammals
Moxostoma duquesnei Black Redhorse END Rare Fishes
Moxostoma carinatum River Redhorse THR Rare Fishes
Moist cliff Moist Cliff NA Primary Habitats - Bedrock Dependent
Minuartia dawsonensis Rock Stitchwort SC Rare Plants
Metretopus borealis A Cleft-footed Minnow Mayfly SC/N Rare Mayflies
Megalonaias nervosa Washboard SC/P Rare Mussels and Clams
Macrhybopsis hyostoma Shoal Chub THR Rare Fishes
Lespedeza leptostachya Prairie Bush Clover END LT Rare Plants
Lanius ludovicianus Loggerhead Shrike END SOC Rare Birds
Lampsilis higginsii Higgins Eye END LE Rare Mussels and Clams
Laccophilus undatus A Predaceous Diving Beetle SC/N Rare Beetles
Ictiobus niger Black Buffalo THR Rare Fishes
Hybopsis amnis Pallid Shiner END Rare Fishes
Huperzia porophila Rock Clubmoss SC Rare Plants
Homoeoneuria ammophila A Brush-legged Mayfly SC/N Rare Mayflies
Homalosorus pycnocarpos Glade Fern SC Rare Plants
Hiodon alosoides Goldeye END Rare Fishes
Herp Hibernaculum Herp Hibernaculum SC Miscellaneous Elements
Helicodiscus singleyanus Smooth Coil SC/N Rare Aquatic and Terrestrial Snails
Grammia phyllira Phyllira Tiger Moth SC/N Rare Butterflies and Moths
Glyptemys insculpta Wood Turtle THR SOC Rare Reptiles
Glycyrrhiza lepidota Wild Licorice SC Rare Plants
Geothlypis formosa Kentucky Warbler THR Rare Birds
Gastrocopta procera Wing Snaggletooth THR Rare Aquatic and Terrestrial Snails
Fusconaia ebena Ebonyshell END Rare Mussels and Clams
Fundulus dispar Starhead Topminnow END Rare Fishes
Floodplain forest Floodplain Forest NA Southern Forests
Falco peregrinus Peregrine Falcon END Rare Birds
Etheostoma asprigene Mud Darter SC/N Rare Fishes
Equisetum palustre Marsh Horsetail SC Rare Plants
Emydoidea blandingii Blanding's Turtle SC/P SOC Rare Reptiles
Empidonax virescens Acadian Flycatcher THR Rare Birds
Emergent marsh Emergent Marsh NA Herbaceous Communities - Marshes
Ellipsaria lineolata Butterfly END Rare Mussels and Clams
Dry-mesic prairie Dry-mesic Prairie NA Herbaceous Communities - Prairies
Dry prairie Dry Prairie NA Herbaceous Communities - Prairies
Dry cliff Dry Cliff NA Primary Habitats - Bedrock Dependent
Dalea villosa var. villosa Silky Prairie-clover SC Rare Plants
Cycleptus elongatus Blue Sucker THR Rare Fishes
Cuscuta glomerata Rope Dodder SC Rare Plants
Crystallaria asprella Crystal Darter END SOC Rare Fishes
Crotalus horridus Timber Rattlesnake SC/P Rare Reptiles
Crotalaria sagittalis Arrow-headed Rattle-box SC Rare Plants
Cirsium hillii Hill's Thistle THR SOC Rare Plants
Chlidonias niger Black Tern END SOC Rare Birds
Cercobrachys lilliei Wisconsin Small Square-gilled Mayfly SC/N Rare Mayflies
Cercobrachys fox Fox Small Square-gilled Mayfly SC/N Rare Mayflies
Carex straminea Straw Sedge SC Rare Plants
Carex careyana Carey's Sedge THR Rare Plants
Carex backii Rocky Mountain Sedge SC Rare Plants
Callitriche heterophylla Large Water-starwort THR Rare Plants
Callirhoe triangulata Clustered Poppy-mallow SC Rare Plants
Buteo lineatus Red-shouldered Hawk THR Rare Birds
Boechera dentata Short's Rock-cress SC Rare Plants
Bird Rookery Bird Rookery SC Miscellaneous Elements
Bat Hibernaculum Bat Hibernaculum SC Miscellaneous Elements
Asclepias sullivantii Prairie Milkweed THR Rare Plants
Artemisia frigida Prairie Sagebrush SC Rare Plants
Artemisia dracunculus Dragon Wormwood SC Rare Plants
Ardea alba Great Egret THR Rare Birds
Apalone mutica Smooth Softshell SC/H Rare Reptiles
Anticlea elegans ssp. glaucus White Camas SC Rare Plants
Anguilla rostrata American Eel SC/N Rare Fishes
Anemone caroliniana Carolina Anemone END Rare Plants
Ammodramus henslowii Henslow's Sparrow THR SOC Rare Birds
Alder thicket Alder Thicket NA Shrub Communities
Alasmidonta marginata Elktoe SC/P Rare Mussels and Clams
Agalinis gattingeri Roundstem Foxglove THR Rare Plants
Agabetes acuductus A Water Scavenger Beetle SC/N Rare Beetles
Acris blanchardi Blanchard's Cricket Frog END Rare Amphibians
Acanthametropus pecatonica Pecatonica River Mayfly END Rare Mayflies
Last revised: July 18, 2017
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