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Wisconsin's rare species and natural communities.
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Natural Heritage Inventory data county tool

Ashland County Natural Heritage Inventory data

The following is a list of species and natural features on the Natural Heritage Working List that have been documented in Ashland County. These data are provided for general planning and assessment purposes only and should not be used for screening or reviewing proposed land development or land management projects. Learn about other methods for obtaining data, including project-specific data.

Ashland County graphic

Click on the table headings to sort the table, and click on a heading again to change the sort order. The scientific names link to pages with more information about each species or natural community. The count shown is the number of locations in Ashland County where each species or feature has been documented and incorporated in the NHI Database. There are likely many additional locations which have not yet been documented. Also, these data were last updated on July 18, 2017, so there may be more recent county records not reflected here. Return to the county tool.
Scientific Name Common Name WI
Botrychium lunaria Common Moonwort END Rare Plants
Botrychium mormo Little Goblin Moonwort END Rare Plants
Charadrius melodus Piping Plover END LE Rare Birds
Chlidonias niger Black Tern END SOC Rare Birds
Cicindela hirticollis rhodensis Hairy-necked Tiger Beetle END Rare Beetles
Cyclonaias tuberculata Purple Wartyback END Rare Mussels and Clams
Falco peregrinus Peregrine Falcon END Rare Birds
Hydroprogne caspia Caspian Tern END Rare Birds
Lanius ludovicianus Loggerhead Shrike END SOC Rare Birds
Martes americana American Marten END Rare Mammals
Melica smithii Smith's Melic Grass END Rare Plants
Moehringia macrophylla Large-leaved Sandwort END Rare Plants
Pinguicula vulgaris Common Butterwort END Rare Plants
Ranunculus gmelinii Small Yellow Water Crowfoot END Rare Plants
Salix cordata Sand Dune Willow END Rare Plants
Salix pellita Satiny Willow END Rare Plants
Somatochlora incurvata Incurvate Emerald END Rare Dragonflies and Damselflies
Sterna hirundo Common Tern END SOC Rare Birds
Vaccinium vitis-idaea Mountain Cranberry END Rare Plants
Alder thicket Alder Thicket NA Shrub Communities
Bedrock shore Bedrock Shore NA Primary Habitats - Bedrock Dependent
Black spruce swamp Black Spruce Swamp NA Northern Forests
Boreal forest Boreal Forest NA Northern Forests
Dry cliff Dry Cliff NA Primary Habitats - Bedrock Dependent
Emergent marsh Emergent Marsh NA Herbaceous Communities - Marshes
Ephemeral pond Ephemeral Pond NA Lakes and Ponds
Great lakes barrens Great Lakes Barrens NA Savannas and Woodlands
Great lakes beach Great Lakes Beach NA Primary Habitats - Sand or Bare Soil Dependent
Great lakes dune Great Lakes Dune NA Primary Habitats - Sand or Bare Soil Dependent
Great Lakes Shore Fen Great Lakes Shore Fen NA Herbaceous Communities - Sedge Meadows, Fens, and Bogs
Hardwood Swamp Hardwood Swamp NA Northern Forests
Interdunal wetland Interdunal Wetland NA Herbaceous Communities - Marshes
Lake--deep, soft, drainage Lake--Deep, Soft, Drainage NA Lakes and Ponds
Lake--shallow, soft, drainage Lake--Shallow, Soft, Drainage NA Lakes and Ponds
Lake--soft bog Lake--Soft Bog NA Lakes and Ponds
Mesic floodplain terrace Mesic Floodplain Terrace NA Northern Forests
Moist cliff Moist Cliff NA Primary Habitats - Bedrock Dependent
Muskeg Muskeg NA Shrub Communities
Northern dry forest Northern Dry Forest NA Northern Forests
Northern dry-mesic forest Northern Dry-mesic Forest NA Northern Forests
Northern mesic forest Northern Mesic Forest NA Northern Forests
Northern sedge meadow Northern Sedge Meadow NA Herbaceous Communities - Sedge Meadows, Fens, and Bogs
Northern Tamarack Swamp Northern Tamarack Swamp NA Northern Forests
Northern wet forest Northern Wet Forest NA Northern Forests
Northern wet-mesic forest Northern Wet-mesic Forest NA Northern Forests
Open bog Open Bog NA Herbaceous Communities - Sedge Meadows, Fens, and Bogs
Poor fen Poor Fen NA Herbaceous Communities - Sedge Meadows, Fens, and Bogs
Shrub-carr Shrub-carr NA Shrub Communities
Stream--fast, soft, cold Stream--Fast, Soft, Cold NA Springs and Streams
Stream--slow, hard, cold Stream--Slow, Hard, Cold NA Springs and Streams
Stream--slow, hard, warm Stream--Slow, Hard, Warm NA Springs and Streams
Stream--slow, soft, warm Stream--Slow, Soft, Warm NA Springs and Streams
Wild Rice Marsh Wild Rice Marsh NA Herbaceous Communities - Marshes
Asplenium trichomanes Maidenhair Spleenwort SC Rare Plants
Bird Rookery Bird Rookery SC Miscellaneous Elements
Botrychium minganense Mingan's Moonwort SC Rare Plants
Callitriche hermaphroditica Autumnal Water-starwort SC Rare Plants
Cardamine maxima Large Toothwort SC Rare Plants
Carex capillaris Hair-like Sedge SC Rare Plants
Carex livida Livid Sedge SC Rare Plants
Carex merritt-fernaldii Fernald's Sedge SC Rare Plants
Carex novae-angliae New England Sedge SC Rare Plants
Carex prasina Drooping Sedge SC Rare Plants
Cystopteris laurentiana Laurentian Bladder Fern SC Rare Plants
Dryopteris expansa Spreading Woodfern SC Rare Plants
Dryopteris filix-mas Male Fern SC Rare Plants
Eleocharis mamillata Mamillate Spike-rush SC Rare Plants
Eleocharis robbinsii Robbins' Spike-rush SC Rare Plants
Epilobium strictum Downy Willow-herb SC Rare Plants
Equisetum palustre Marsh Horsetail SC Rare Plants
Eriophorum russeolum ssp. leiocarpum Russet Cotton-grass SC Rare Plants
Goodyera oblongifolia Giant Rattlesnake-plantain SC Rare Plants
Gymnocarpium robertianum Limestone Oak Fern SC Rare Plants
Huperzia selago Fir Clubmoss SC Rare Plants
Leucophysalis grandiflora Large-flowered Ground-cherry SC Rare Plants
Migratory Bird Concentration Site Migratory Bird Concentration Site SC Miscellaneous Elements
Omalotheca sylvatica Woodland Cudweed SC Rare Plants
Primula mistassinica Bird's-eye Primrose SC Rare Plants
Pseudevernia consocians Common Antler Lichen SC Rare Lichens
Pseudocyphellaria crocata Yellow Specklebelly SC Rare Lichens
Rhynchospora fusca Brown Beak-rush SC Rare Plants
Sceptridium oneidense Blunt-lobe Grape-fern SC Rare Plants
Sceptridium rugulosum Rugulose Grape-fern SC Rare Plants
Schoenoplectus torreyi Torrey's Bulrush SC Rare Plants
Utricularia resupinata Northeastern Bladderwort SC Rare Plants
Canis lupus Gray Wolf SC/FL LE Rare Mammals
Acipenser fulvescens Lake Sturgeon SC/H Rare Fishes
Coregonus zenithicus Shortjaw Cisco SC/H SOC Rare Fishes
Accipiter gentilis Northern Goshawk SC/M SOC Rare Birds
Ammodramus leconteii Le Conte's Sparrow SC/M Rare Birds
Asio otus Long-eared Owl SC/M Rare Birds
Botaurus lentiginosus American Bittern SC/M Rare Birds
Bucephala clangula Common Goldeneye SC/M Rare Birds
Catharus ustulatus Swainson's Thrush SC/M Rare Birds
Contopus cooperi Olive-sided Flycatcher SC/M Rare Birds
Ixobrychus exilis Least Bittern SC/M Rare Birds
Oporornis agilis Connecticut Warbler SC/M Rare Birds
Poecile hudsonicus Boreal Chickadee SC/M Rare Birds
Regulus calendula Ruby-crowned Kinglet SC/M Rare Birds
Aeshna sitchensis Zigzag Darner SC/N Rare Dragonflies and Damselflies
Agabetes acuductus A Water Scavenger Beetle SC/N Rare Beetles
Agabus leptapsis A Predaceous Diving Beetle SC/N Rare Beetles
Arphia conspersa Speckled Rangeland Grasshopper SC/N Rare Grasshoppers and Allies
Bombus terricola Yellowbanded Bumble Bee SC/N SOC Rare Ants, Wasps, and Bees
Epiaeschna heros Swamp Darner SC/N Rare Dragonflies and Damselflies
Etheostoma microperca Least Darter SC/N Rare Fishes
Hydraena angulicollis A Minute Moss Beetle SC/N Rare Beetles
Maccaffertium pulchellum A Flat-headed Mayfly SC/N Rare Mayflies
Melanoplus flavidus Blue-legged Grasshopper SC/N Rare Grasshoppers and Allies
Napaeozapus insignis Woodland Jumping Mouse SC/N Rare Mammals
Pieris virginiensis West Virginia White SC/N Rare Butterflies and Moths
Sorex palustris Water Shrew SC/N Rare Mammals
Alasmidonta marginata Elktoe SC/P Rare Mussels and Clams
Glaucomys sabrinus Northern Flying Squirrel SC/P Rare Mammals
Amerorchis rotundifolia Round-leaved Orchis THR Rare Plants
Callitriche heterophylla Large Water-starwort THR Rare Plants
Calypso bulbosa Calypso Orchid THR Rare Plants
Carex concinna Beautiful Sedge THR Rare Plants
Carex exilis Coast Sedge THR Rare Plants
Carex lenticularis Shore Sedge THR Rare Plants
Carex michauxiana Michaux's Sedge THR Rare Plants
Coturnicops noveboracensis Yellow Rail THR Rare Birds
Cypripedium arietinum Ram's-head Lady's-slipper THR Rare Plants
Drosera anglica English Sundew THR Rare Plants
Drosera linearis Linear-leaved Sundew THR Rare Plants
Falcipennis canadensis Spruce Grouse THR Rare Birds
Glyptemys insculpta Wood Turtle THR SOC Rare Reptiles
Listera convallarioides Broad-leaved Twayblade THR Rare Plants
Packera indecora Plains Ragwort THR Rare Plants
Parnassia palustris Marsh Grass-of-Parnassus THR Rare Plants
Platanthera flava var. herbiola Pale Green Orchid THR Rare Plants
Polystichum braunii Braun's Holly-fern THR Rare Plants
Ribes oxyacanthoides ssp. oxyacanthoides Canadian Gooseberry THR Rare Plants
Salix planifolia ssp. planifolia Tea-leaved Willow THR Rare Plants
Setophaga cerulea Cerulean Warbler THR SOC Rare Birds
Sparganium glomeratum Clustered Bur-reed THR Rare Plants
Trisetum spicatum Spike Trisetum THR Rare Plants
Last revised: July 18, 2017
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