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Chippewa FlowageProtecting your flowage

Exotic species are one of the biggest threats to our natural environment.

Aquatic invasive species

Exotic species are one of the biggest threats to our natural environment. You can help prevent the introduction and spread of invasive species in the Flowage by cleaning your boat, trailer, and live-well before you arrive and after you leave the Flowage. State laws prohibit releasing bait or water from your boat back into a waterbody.

  • Do not release live bait including worms, minnows, or crayfish into the environment.
  • Drain all water from your boat including live wells, bilges, and bait buckets before you leave any lake, river, or stream.
  • Do not transport any live fish away from a lake, river, or stream unless they are bait fish purchased from a bait dealer that have not been exposed to water from that water body.
  • Inspect your boat and trailer and remove all aquatic plants, animals, and mud before leaving any lake, river, or stream.
  • Spray/rinse your boat and equipment with hot and/or high pressure water or dry your equipment for 5 days before going to another water body.

Fires and firewood

Firewood can harbor pests such as gypsy moths, emerald ash borer, and oak wilt that threaten the local forest. New regulations regarding the transport of firewood are aimed at stopping the threats. It is now illegal to bring firewood to this or any other state property from more than 10 miles away. It is also illegal to bring firewood from out of state. You should consider purchasing locally harvested firewood to bring to your campsite. There are several local businesses that sell bundled campfire wood. For added assurance against introducing forest pests, please burn all your firewood, do not leave it for the next camper and do not transport it away from the area.

Range of Allowable Firewood [PDF]

Last revised: Friday September 19 2014