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Terrestrial Invasive species

Terrestrial invasives come in many forms including plants, animals, insects, fungi and diseases. They affect the health of our forests, prairies, parks, urban landscapes and more. When these landscapes are unhealthy, all the benefits they provide to us are at risk. The good news is, each one of us can make a difference. Learn what to look for, and you can help slow the spread of invasive species!

Learn about terrestrial invasives

View a printable list of all species regulated by NR 40 [PDF] or a list of plants only [PDF].

Click on the buttons below to see what species are invasive in Wisconsin.

The buttons separate invasive plants and animals into regulated or non-regulated categories. Regulated species currently have legal restrictions under the Invasive Species Rule, Chapter NR 40. Non-regulated species currently are not regulated by Chapter NR 40. View our terminology page for classification definitions.

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Last revised: July 10, 2015