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Green Tier and EMS links

The following are websites that offer businesses effective information that may help them better manage their environmental impacts.

Disclaimer: The DNR does not endorse these sites or the information contained therein. These links are provided for informative purposes only.

ISO 14000

These websites contain information about ISO 14000.

  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI): This is the address of the ISO 14000 page of the American national Standards Institute (ANSI). This ANSI site contains official and technical information, as well as a FAQ on ISO 14000. ANSI serves as administrator and coordinator of the United States private sector voluntary standardization system. You may order official published ISO 14000 documents here or gain electronic access to ISO 14000 via a link from the NSSN to ANSI's Electronic Standards Store or go to thier web site.
  • American Society for Quality (ASQ): ASQ is a society of individual and organizational members dedicated to developments in environmental management. This attractive site introduces you to many topics about quality, let's you order from an online catalog, and register for education courses and conferences.
  • Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance (DPPEA), NC DENR: Site has general information and links on ISO 14000 as well as information on North Carolina's ISO 14000 pilot program initiative.
  • Environmental Management Systems (EPA)
  • Capaccio: (Environmental Industry Web Site and Extended Enterprise Services) This site includes the following pertinent articles:
    • documentation for Environmental Management Systems;
    • implementing an Environmental Management System;
    • international Standards for Environmental Management System;
    • using the Internet for Environmental Bench Marking; and
    • the last link highlights what other companies and organizations are placing on the Web regarding ISO 14000 standards.
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO): The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies from 112 countries, one from each country. ISO is a non-governmental organization established in 1947. The mission of ISO is to promote the development of standardization and related activities in the world with a view to facilitating the international exchange of goods and services, and to developing cooperation in the spheres of intellectual, scientific, technological and economic activity. ISO's work results in international agreements that are published as International Standards such as ISO 14000.
  • National Database on Environmental Management Systems
  • NGO Working Group on ISO 14000, sponsored by the Community Nutrition Institute (CNI): This project seeks to ensure that environmental NGOs, with national, regional, and local perspectives, are represented in the ISO 14000 standards development process and implementation through the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to Technical Committee (TC) 207, the international committee developing the 14000 series of EMS standards. the goal of the NGO Working Group on ISO 14000 is threefold:
    1. to gain and disseminate information about ISO 14000, its standards development process, and methods of implementation;
    2. to ensure that the public interest perspective from the national, regional, and local levels are represented in the ISO 14000 standards development process; and
    3. create a network to facilitate communication between NGOs working on ISO 14000 and related issues.
  • Standards Information Service of Canada (SCC CA): This site is a gateway to information on standards in Canada and around the world. Regulations relating to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and World Trade Organization (WTO) are also found here.
Last revised: Tuesday November 26 2019