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Standing trees - photo by Ken Sloan, retired forester

Access to WisFIRS is restricted to authorized personnel only, as defined by Wisconsin DNR foresters, county and cooperating foresters.


WisFIRS Public Lands Contact information
Doug Brown
County forest and public lands specialist
715-453-2188 X-1263
WisFIRS Private Lands Contact information
David Fish
WisFIRS data specialist

Wisconsin Forest Inventory and Reporting SystemWisFIRS introduction

Launch the WisFIRS Public Lands application (for county foresters).

Launch the WisFIRS Private Lands application (for certified plan writers).

WisFIRS background

WisFIRS (Wisconsin Forest Inventory and Reporting System) is a multi-year project being developed that will enable foresters to store data collected in the field, plan for and track completed treatments (e.g. timber sales), report accomplishments and calculate the financial aspects of the timber sales, to name a few. This application manages core business functions for public and private forest management in Wisconsin, serving hundreds of DNR staff as well as our partners (county foresters and certified plan writers). Due to the importance of knowing where on the landscape practices are being done, geographical information systems (GIS) is being integrated throughout the system.

WisFIRS is being developed to encompass the business functions of a few existing applications. These applications were different enough that field staff had to learn how to use each application individually, making it cumbersome. In some cases, staff have to re-enter the same information up to four times, increasing errors in the data. The WisFIRS project will not only incorporate existing applications into new technology, but allow for easier reporting and increase access to the data.

Application users

The overall WisFIRS application is divided into two programs, each targeted for a different audience:

  • WisFIRS Public Lands (intended for county foresters)
  • WisFIRS Private Lands (intended for certified plan writers)

County forest users

The WisFIRS Public Lands application is only accessible to Wisconsin county forester partners who are authorized to edit data in the system. County forest users need a WAMS ID from the State of Wisconsin in order to access WisFIRS. The WAMS ID must then be provided to the WisFIRS administrator to configure access.

Certified plan writers

The WisFIRS Private Lands application is only accessible to authorized forestry partners. Currently, this includes Certified Plan Writers (CPWs). CPWs will need a WAMS ID from the State of Wisconsin in order to access WisFIRS. The WAMS ID must then be provided to the WisFIRS administrator to configure access.

DNR users

DNR users can access either WisFIRS application from any DNR network connected computer. If a DNR user needs to access WisFIRS from a non-DNR computer, then similar to the county forest or certified plan writer users above, the DNR user can obtain a WAMS ID and provide it to the WisFIRS administrator.

Technical requirements

  • WisFIRS was designed to work over a high-speed internet connection and may not be usable over a dial-up connection. Recommendation connection speed is 512 kbps or greater.
  • After one hour of inactivity, your WisFIRS session will be ended and any unsaved data will be lost.
  • JavaScript and cookies must be enabled in the browser.
  • Adobe Reader is required to print reports.
  • WisFIRS works most reliably in IE 11 or higher and has been extensively tested. WisFIRS will run on other versions of IE and on other browsers but you may experience unexpected results.
  • A minimum screen resolution setting of 1280 x 720 is recommended for the best viewing experience in WisFIRS.
  • The WisFIRS Public Lands desktop GIS tool (ACORN – Dec 8, 2018 ver) is available for download from the WisFIRS application and works with ArcGIS desktop ArcMap versions 10.0 to 10.6.1.
Last revised: Wednesday May 01 2019