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Use the Forestry Assistance Locator to find cooperating foresters, DNR service foresters or tax law forestry specialists for your county.
View the current Directory of Foresters [PDF].

How to complete the cutting notice and report form

Videos not updated: 2015 Wisconsin Act 358 was signed into law in April 2016. This new law makes numerous changes to the Managed Forest Law (MFL) and some changes to the Forest Crop Law (FCL). Much of the website has been updated to reflect these changes; however, videos have not yet been updated. Much of the information contained in the videos is relevant and important but some details related to review and approval of cutting notices and severance/yield taxes are no longer accurate. Please note this when viewing the videos. If you have questions, please contact your local DNR tax law forestry specialist. You can find their contact information using the Forestry Assistance Locator.

Review this series of online videos to learn how to complete the Cutting Notice and Report of Wood Products (2450-032) [PDF]. The entire series will take about 90–120 minutes to complete.

Video topic Length High bandwidth version* Low bandwidth version** Narrative [PDF]
Cutting Notice Report Process 7:48 Watch Watch  
Cutting Prescription Guidelines (part 1) 5:05 Watch Watch Read
Cutting Prescription Guidelines (part 2) 12:08 Watch Watch Read
Water Quality BMPs (part 1) 4:28 Watch Watch Read
Water Quality BMPs (part 2) 7:38 Watch Watch Read
Invasive BMPs (part 1) 5:50 Watch Watch Read
Invasive BMPs (part 2) 10:05 Watch Watch Read
NHI Prescription (part 1) 7:54 Watch Watch Read
NHI Prescription (part 2) 5:28 Watch Watch Read
Archaeological, Historical, Cultural Prescription (part 1) 9:09 Watch Watch Read
Archaeological, Historical, Cultural Prescription (part 2) 3:40 Watch Watch Read
Signatures 3:26 Watch Watch  
Determining Timber Volumes 3:08 Watch Watch Read
Reporting Estimated Timber Volumes 11:49 Watch Watch Read
Lump Sum vs. Scaled Sales 3:20 Watch Watch  

* High bandwidth version offers the best video quality but generally requires a high-speed Internet connection
** Low bandwidth version should be used for dial-up Internet or otherwise slower connections

Last revised: Wednesday June 21 2017