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a series of videos to help understand and complete the Cutting Notice and Report.
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MFL and FCL harvesting step #8: Submitting the cutting reportWho submits the Cutting Notice and Report

The Managed Forest Law (MFL) and Forest Crop Law (FCL) require that only the landowner has the ultimate responsibility for submitting the Cutting Notice and Report. For this reason, the Cutting Notice and Report asks for the signature of the landowner. In situations where there are multiple landowners, only one of the landowners needs to sign the Cutting Notice and Report. Typically, the forester, logger or other agent who is assisting the landowner with the timber harvesting practice will help the landowner with filling out the content of the Cutting Notice and Report.

There are instances--described below--when other people have the legal authority to sign forms for the landowner. If someone other than the landowner has signed the Cutting Notice and Report, documentation explaining that person has the authority to sign the form on the landowner’s behalf must accompany the Cutting Notice and Report.

Power of attorney

A power of attorney document is a legal document in which a person gives another person the authority to act on their behalf pursuant to the scope and terms granted in the specific power of attorney document.

Delegation of signing authority through a contract between a landowner and a contractor

Many times cooperating and private foresters seek permission to sign the Cutting Notice and Report for landowners as part of their service agreement. This authority may allow the forester to fully act as the landowner’s agent in all matters related to getting the trees harvested.

Specific and limited authorization

These authorizations are generally a letter that states in which situations a different person has authority to sign for another person.

The specific document that authorizes another person to sign a Cutting Notice and Report for a landowner must be attached to the form. If the form is not attached, the DNR forester will return the Cutting Notice and Report for the proper signatures.

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Last revised: Thursday July 27 2017