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Fishing tournament frequently asked questions

How far in advance do I need to apply for a tournament?

You must apply at least 30 days before the start date of the fishing tournament.  Applicants may apply starting on January 1st of the preceding year for traditional tournaments  and April 1st of the preceding year for non-traditional (everybody else) tournaments.

What is a traditional tournament?

A traditional fishing tournament is a fishing tournament that was issued permits 4 out of 5 years between 2004 and 2008 for the same water or waters and time period.

How do I maintain my traditional tournament status?

A traditional tournament shall continue to be conducted at least 4 out of 5 years for the same water or waters and time period to remain a traditional tournament.

Can a traditional tournament exceed the use limit?

Yes. A traditional tournament may be permitted to exceed the limit up to the maximum actual participation level for the tournament on that water during any of the previous 5 years.

I am not sure if more than 19 boats or 99 participants will show up for my tournament, should I apply for a permit?

You have two options:

  1. Apply for a permit and indicate the maximum number of participants that would be allowed, or
  2. Do not apply for a permit and limit the participation level to less than 20 boats or less than 100 people

Can I include a back-up date or back-up primary waterbody on my tournament application (often due to unsafe ice conditions)?

Alternate dates and back-up waterbodies should be specified in the “Notes” section of the application.

Are there restricted dates that tournaments are not allowed?

Fishing tournaments (with the exception of traditional tournaments) are not permitted to occur on weekends and holidays which typically have elevated levels of public pressure. These time periods include the opening weekend of a fishing season of a particular species if the tournament would target that species, the 3-day Memorial Day weekend, the Fourth of July, and the 3-day Labor Day weekend.

Can I have two tournaments on the same waterbody?

Yes. However, no person may organize fishing tournaments on the same body of water with starting dates separated by less than two weeks, unless at least 50% of the participants in the second tournament are younger than 18 years of age or disabled.

When do I need to return my tournament report?

Tournament organizers must submit a fishing report (provided with the permit) within 30 days of the tournament. Future permits will not be issued if results reports are not returned. Reports should be sent to:
PO BOX 7921
MADISON WI 53707-7921

What information is required on the tournament report?

We need to know what tournament you held, how many people and/or boats participated, the value of prizes given away for fishing, the date(s) and hours fished, what species and how many fish of each were registered, and if the fish were released or kept.

What is a boat day?

For open water tournaments, the monthly size limits are based on the length of the tournament and the number of boats expected to participate, termed boat days. For example, a one day tournament with 60 boats will contribute 60 boat days to the monthly limits for a waterbody, whereas a two day tournament with 30 boats will also contribute 60 boat days.

What is a Boat ID method?

Open water tournaments (with the exception of Great Lakes trout or salmon tournaments) must indicate a method which makes tournament participants easily identifiable on the water (e.g. ribbon, sticker, flag, apparel, etc.)

What is an off-site weigh-in?

For catch-hold-release tournaments, an off-site weigh-in means the weigh-in is not located on the shoreline or adjacent to the waters and is generally characterized by the transport of fish via a public road.

Can I tag a fish as part of a fishing tournament?

It is illegal for the public to tag and release fish unless they receive a scientific collector’s permit as part of a bona fide research project or in conjunction with a DNR sponsored management project—it is rare that tournaments meet the necessary qualifications for this option. The only alternative way to use tagged fish in a tournament is by obtaining a stocking permit, purchasing a fish from a licensed fish farm, tagging the fish and then releasing it. To pursue this option contact the county fisheries biologist.

Last revised: Tuesday September 15 2015