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Fishing WisconsinLake Michigan Outdoor Fishing Report - July 16 2018

Aloma line of fish

In general, fishing reports will be updated once per week, usually on Tuesdays. This may change based on availability of reports and work schedules of field staff.

REMINDER - Anglers must carry a paper copy of their license/stamps while fishing on the waters of Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, and the WI/MI, WI/MN and WI/IA boundary waters.

Southern Lake Michigan Fishing Report: July 16, 2018


  • Saturday July 14th began the multi-state Salmon-A-Rama. Anglers took to Lake Michigan by boat, kayak, or along shorelines and piers in pursuit of salmon, trout, and perch. The tournament runs until Sunday July 22nd, so please expect busier than normal boat ramps and traffic both on and off the water especially toward the southern part of the state. If you are interested in up to date tournament results and standings please visit the Salmon-A-Rama webpage at We wish everyone, both tournament and non-tournament anglers the best of luck on the water!

Milwaukee Co.

  • Please Note: The Milwaukee Air and Water Show is Saturday, July 21st and 22nd. Anglers should expect restricted access to McKinley Marina and surrounding areas this weekend. Salmon-A-Rama announced on their Facebook page that the Great Lakes Sportfishing Club will be moving their weigh in operation on July 21 & 22 to South Shore park, which could bring more activity than normal to South Shore.
  • McKinley Ramp – As the fishing tournament began, it was a busy weekend with the trailer parking lot filling up quickly. Early morning boaters targeting salmon continue to launch between 3:30 and 6:00 am catching limits more often than boaters launching in the afternoon. A mix bag of fish across the board of salmon and trout continue to be landed. This weekend larger numbers of chinook salmon and brown and lake trout were caught (verses mostly coho and rainbows that we have seen for the past couple of weeks). Anglers found success in depths ranging from 40 feet to deeper waters out to 210 feet. Most anglers reported that the best fishing depth, with the most action, was between 125 -140 feet of water with fish hitting lines in the top 35 - 60 feet of water. Spoons were the bait of choice this weekend with the occasional flasher/fly combinations that had anglers catching with success. Please be aware this location is being used at times as a remote weigh-in site for Salmon-A-Rama participants. At times the cleaning station had lines of people waiting to fillet their catch.
  • McKinley Pier – A few days of westerly winds mid-week cooled down temperatures lakeside. Surface temps now range from 56°- 61°F (the warmest during the mid-day sun). Anglers are in larger numbers in the early morning hours (often before sunrise) than afternoon or evening and even a few fishing overnight. A rainbow and brown trout were caught using alewives as bait, however most anglers targeting salmon and trout both on the lakeside and harborside continue to see very little action. Those anglers targeting perch near the gap had little success. Anglers targeting bass also saw very little action.
  • North Lakefront Shoreline (McKinley, Veterans Park, Summerfest) – Anglers that continue targeting rock bass, bluegill, and pumpkinseed had no problems landing their target species bobber fishing, using a variety of live bait along McKinley Shore (near the old Coast Guard station). Anglers targeting smallmouth bass or catfish had no luck. Schools of alewives are once again near shore and are being seen near the Summerfest grounds, where only a single brown trout was reported through the weekend. Anglers also found luck landing 9-12-inch perch using crab tails or plastics near Veterans Park and McKinley Shore, harborside.
  • South Lakefront (Jones Island, Cupertino Park, South Metro Pier) – Low fishing pressure occurred throughout the weekend from Jones Island, Cupertino Park, and through South Shore. Anglers targeting trout and salmon caught a few brown trout near Jones Island, mid-day using shiners. Earlier in the week, as the couple days of westerlies blew, a decent chinook was also caught using cleos. Anglers targeting panfish or perch near the South Shore Yacht Club saw little action.
  • South Shore Ramp – Early morning boaters filled up the lot at a quick pace through the weekend and have been launching before 5:00 am. Mostly coho and chinook salmon with the occasional lake or brown trout were landed using flasher/flies or spoons. Anglers found success in depths from 60 - 90 feet with fish hitting lines in the top 25 - 40 feet of water. Only a few boaters headed north out to deeper waters of 250 feet and still found success in getting close to or limiting out.
  • South Metro Pier – Anglers targeting perch reported clear, calm water that allowed seeing visually, schools of perch among the rocky shores. The majority of the fish were quite small in size (6 inches or less). Only a handful of 9+ inch fish were caught jigging or using worms for bait.
  • Bender Park – Early morning boaters targeting coho and chinook salmon found success in 50 - 60 feet of water with fish hitting lines in the top 45 - 60 feet of water using dodger/fly or flasher/fly combinations and spoons.
  • Oak Creek Power Plant – Low fishing pressure continues at the pier. Those few morning and afternoon anglers trying their luck using a variety of live bait and artificial lures found very little success in landing trout or salmon as well as those anglers that were targeting bass or carp. Temperatures at the end of the pier ranged from 54°- 56°F. Anglers do report the return of larger alewife schools and the continued presence of large carp, gizzard shad, and the occasional sheepshead.

Racine Co.

  • Racine Ramp – Salmon-A-Rama kicked off on Saturday which made fishermen relatively tight lipped when our cleel clerks asked where people were catching their fish. Some boaters are finding luck anywhere from 70-140 fow. Most using flasher flies and spoons.
  • Racine Pier & Shoreline – Most fishermen are using alewives and casting spoons. Not much action besides the occasional brown trout. The largest shore fish registered for Salmon-A-Rama came from Racine, a brown trout weighing in at 19.88-pounds (as of Tuesday, July 17 at 8am). Very few perch are being caught in the area but the anglers having luck are using minnows.

Kenosha Co.

  • Kenosha Ramp – Many boaters having luck catching coho this week anywhere from 70-120 fow. A few Kings were caught deeper in 150-170 fow. Some boaters are also catching a fair amount of lake trout. Most are using flies with dodgers.
  • Kenosha Piers & Shoreline – Still a couple Browns hanging around the harbor. Most anglers are using spoons. A couple perch have been caught close to the rocks. Most anglers having luck with jigs and minnows.

Sheboygan Co.

  • Sheboygan Ramps – Anglers fishing from boats in Sheboygan report fishing to be hit or miss. Heavy fog throughout the week prevented some anglers from heading out, however fishing pressure was higher than usual despite the fog. A few anglers caught some really nice kings this week with the largest reported at 28 pounds. Cohos and rainbow are being caught as well. Good numbers of fish are being caught in 100-250 feet of water on flies and spoons.
  • Sheboygan Shore & Piers – Fishing pressure on the piers this week was high, but anglers still struggle catching any salmon. The occasional brown trout and northern pike are being caught on alewives in the evening.

Ozaukee Co.

  • Port Washington Ramp – Pressure this week has been moderate to high with most anglers fishing early in the morning, although several boats have been staying out late. Catch rates have been inconsistent with some anglers getting their bag limits of trout and salmon and others struggle to catch anything. Those who are landing fishing in good numbers are typically in 100-180 feet of water. Fish are being caught on both flasher flies and spoons.
  • Port Washington Shore & Piers – There were many patient trout and salmon anglers fishing off of the piers over the weekend, however most didn’t catch anything. Others who were fishing for perch off of the end of the North Pier using jigs had some luck, but most of the perch caught were around the 7-inch range. Some anglers fishing around the WE Energies warm water discharge were using worms to catch a few carp, suckers, and catfish.

Northern Lake Michigan Fishing Report: July 16, 2018

Manitowoc Co.

  • Manitowoc/Two Rivers area – Fishing in Manitowoc/Two Rivers area is still slow with an average catch of 3 fish. Rainbows seem to dominate the catch. Hopefully things turn around for the Two Rivers Derby this coming weekend. Anglers fishing on the piers have reported of having some hits but not being able to stick the fish.

Kewaunee Co.

  • Kewaunee Ramp – Fishing pressure remained heavy for the majority of the week and into the weekend. Anglers were limiting out on rainbow trout and chinook salmon for most of Friday and Saturday. Many of the chinooks were reaching upwards of 25 to 30lbs. Water temperature was reported to be in the 58-63F range out 200-350ft on the surface with a thermocline reaching the low-40s when 60ft below. Very few lake trout were coming in. Good luck on kings was had with blue-silver and wine-silver spoons.
  • Kewaunee Shore & Piers – Although there was little shore fishing activity, there was moderate fishing pressure at the pier this week. The reports on catches were mostly whitefish with a couple large browns and some small rainbows being pulled in as well.
  • Algoma Ramp – There was heavy fishing pressure this weekend with folks coming back with large rainbows and kings. Many folks were preparing or out for Salmon-A-Rama. Rainbows were reported to be out from 300-400ft with good luck using chrome and green flashers. Water temperature was 60F on the surface and cooling to 57F in the 200ft range.
  • Algoma Shoreline and Pier – Heavy fog stayed along the shoreline and pier for most of the week. There were small rainbow catches along the shore however with water temperatures reported at 55F. Olson Park saw a couple anglers out catching bullhead and drum.

Northern Door County (Lake Michigan Shore)

  • Salmon action in Gills Rock remains slow but is slowly picking up. Steelhead action has been good out of Baileys Harbor. Surface temps are in the 70’s but drops down to the 40’s 90 feet down. Along with the steelhead some big kings have been caught including one over 30lbs.

Northern Door County (Green Bay Shore)

  • Smallmouth action has been very slow across Northern Green Bay. Pier fishermen have only been catching a few small bass, rock bass and the occasional perch. Anglers are still catching some bass around the islands but fishing pressure has been high and catch rates have dropped. Hopefully the warmer water temps in the mid 70’s will help get the bass out of their post-spawn lull and into their summer habits. Perch action has been inconsistent. No walleye action to report.

Green Bay Fishing Report: July 2, 2018

Brown County

  • Duck Creek – A high number of boaters and kayakers were out this week with little fishing success. No interviews were taken of anglers.
  • Suamico– High numbers of boaters were out this week causing lines of boats out of the launch, even filling the extra boat launch parking area. Many fishermen hit the water early to avoid the rush, the walleye bite was consistent all week with 2-3 being harvested per person. Anglers reported using flicker shad and minnow orange in color. Most anglers reported catching numerous freshwater drum and large catfish. No muskie anglers were interviewed.

Oconto County

  • Oconto River – Fishing overall was hit or miss this past weekend, with some anglers not having a lot of luck and others having some success catching walleye. Over the past weekend, the water temperature for the Oconto river ranged from 78 – 83°F.
  • Oconto Breakwater/Harbor Area – Anglers on the pier were having some success catching catfish, northern pike, perch, and smallmouth bass this week. Anglers using the boat launch were reporting success catching channel catfish, northern pike, perch, smallmouth bass, and walleye.
  • Geano’s Beach – High numbers of boaters filled the launch this week with most after walleyes. Most anglers experienced higher catch rates of walleyes, 3-4 per person, than at Suamico and reported catching numerous freshwater drum, catfish and an occasional northern pike.
  • Pensaukee River Ramp – A good number of anglers used the Pensaukee river boat ramp this week. Increased numbers of walleye were being caught this past week. Anglers were reporting success catching catfish, northern pike, perch, and walleye.
  • Oconto Park II – Fishing pressure was a little lower at the Oconto Park II area this week. Anglers were reporting success catching some perch, smallmouth bass, and walleye over the weekend. Anglers were having success catching perch using nightcrawlers at water depths between 5 and 10ft. Anglers were having success catching walleye using crankbaits in water depths between 5 and 15ft.
  • Stiles Dam and Iron Bridge Area – Fishing pressure has remained low over the past week. Fishing success had decreased over the past couple of weeks. Anglers were having occasional success catching rock bass this week. While fishing pressure was relatively low this week, a lot of folks were using the iron bridge area to launch kayaks this past weekend.

Marinette County – Menomonee River

  • Fishing overall was hit or miss this past weekend, with some anglers not having a lot of luck and others having some success catching brown trout or walleye. The water temperatures on the Menominee ranged from 60 – 68°F over this past week.
  • Boom Landing Ramp – Fishing pressure decreased throughout this past week. Some anglers were having success catching rock bass, walleye, and smallmouth bass.
  • Mystery Ship Ramp (Menominee, MI) – Fishing pressure was good over the past week. Anglers were having some success catching catfish, northern pike, smallmouth bass, and walleye. Smallmouth bass were being caught using plastic tubes at various water depths between 5 and 12 ft.
  • Ann Arbor Ramp – Good numbers of anglers were out this past week. Some anglers were having success catching northern pike, smallmouth bass and walleye.
  • Little River Ramp – Good fishing pressure was observed at the little River Ramp this week. Some perch were being caught along the shore using nightcrawlers and minnows. A handful of anglers were targeting brown trout with limited success this past week. Brown trout were being caught trolling using spoon rigs at water depths between 50 – 60 ft.

Marinette County – Peshtigo River

  • Fishing overall was hit or miss this past weekend, with some anglers not having a lot of luck and others having some success catching walleye. The water temperatures ranged from 76 – 79°F over the weekend.
  • Peshtigo River Mouth (at the end of Harbor Rd in Peshtigo Harbor Wildlife area) – decent fishing pressure was observed at the Peshtigo river mouth ramp over the last week. Anglers were having success catching catfish, northern pike, smallmouth bass, and walleye this week.
  • Klingsborn’s Ramp (5 mi down CTY RD BB outside Peshtigo) – Fishing pressure remained steady over the past week. Anglers were having success catching northern pike and walleye this week.

Green Bay/Fox River

  • Metro Boat Launch – Low numbers of trailers were recorded with most being leisure boaters. Those that were fishing reported slow fishing with only a few walleyes being caught and none being harvested. No interviews were taken of muskie anglers. Shore anglers reported fishing was slow with only freshwater drum being caught.
  • Fox Point/Fairgrounds – Very few people are launching at either location, and those who do are mostly pleasure boaters. No interviews were taken of anglers.
  • Voyager Park – There were very few people out fishing this week, and those who were interviewed didn’t catch any fish.

Brown County

  • Bayshore – Over the past week walleye fishing has been relatively consistent with most anglers taking home 1-3 fish for half a day out on the water. A wide variety of baits continue to be used; all with varying success between anglers. Yellow perch fishing continues to be slow out of Bayshore with only a few fish being caught out of the multiple interviews taken. While out anglers also caught freshwater drum, round goby, white perch, and the occasional catfish. The parking lot was half to three quarters full on all the days surveyed.

Door County

  • Chaudior’s Dock – Walleye fishing success continues in the same pace with those out of Bayshore. The average catch was half a dozen walleyes with at least 3 making it into the cooler. Some yellow perch anglers found success with harvest being around 12 fish for a few hours on the water. Length ranged from 8-12 inches. While out anglers also caught freshwater drum, round goby, white perch, and catfish. At its busiest time there were 12 or so trailers in the parking lot.
  • Little Sturgeon/Sawyer Harbor – Effort remains relatively low out Little Sturgeon and Sawyer Harbor with less than a handful of trailers being observed on the days that were surveyed. Walleye fishing has been slow with no fish being caught. Smallmouth bass is slow as well with only a few fish being caught per boat for half a day out on the water. Yellow perch fishing is beginning to show signs of picking up. Only a few perch anglers were out over the past week but all boats came back with fish. Though the size could have been better catch rates have improved over the past week.

Sturgeon Bay

  • Sturgeon Bay City Shore – Anglers were out with a few reports of smallmouth bass and perch. There was low fishing pressure overall this week. Good luck was had using nightcrawlers and leeches.
  • Sturgeon Bay Ramp – Many folks are coming back with smallmouth bass and walleye. Consistent success on perch as well was had in the canal for anglers. Water temperature was reported to be 77-79F on the surface in the canal.
  • Bay View Park – A few anglers were catching smallmouth bass this week. Rock bass was a frequent catch, with low numbers on perch.
  • Sunset Park Ramp – Folks were coming back with many yellow perch this week. Water temperature was reported to be 74F out in the channel.
  • Stone Quarry Ramp – Many large smallmouth bass were being caught along with loads of freshwater drum. Water was reported to be mid to high 70s at the surface. Good luck was had using jerk baits for smallies along with tubes and live minnows.
  • Stone Quarry Shore – There were many smallmouth bass catches this week with the light northeast wind continuing to help fishing conditions. Good luck was had using soft plastics and worms.
Last revised: Wednesday July 18 2018