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Enviro-Check Process

There are four simple steps to participate in the Enviro-Check program:

Step 1 - Notify DNR

Step 1 - Notify DNR

Notify DNR at least 30 days before starting an environmental compliance audit by submitting an Enviro-Check application, Form 4800-021, to

  • Applicants can specify a comprehensive or limited audit scope.
  • By signing the application, a participant acknowledges that they understand limited liability restrictions for any violations discovered prior to the audit.

Step 2 - Conduct audit

Step 2 - Conduct audit

Conduct an environmental compliance audit within 365 days following the 30-day application process.

  • Applicants can begin their audit upon receiving DNR approval.
  • Facilities must hire a third-party auditor to conduct the compliance audit or contact the department to propose an alternative independent auditor.

Step 3 - Submit report

Step 3 - Submit report

Submit a final audit report to that identifies any violations and includes a corrective action plan for each.

  • Participants must submit the final audit report to the department within 45 days of completion.
  • Once the department receives the report, a facility has 90 days to complete corrections or request an extension of up to one year. (See step #4 for more information on how to request an extension).
  • Participants are required to provide all information contained in the audit report template, Form 4800-023, but they can choose to use an alternative format that includes the following information:
    • A description of each violation and length of time violations may have existed;
    • A description of the actions taken or proposed to be taken to correct the violations;
    • Date(s) of corrective action(s) or schedule for proposed correction action(s); and
    • Proposed strategies to prevent future violations.

Step 4 - Corrective actions

Step 4 - Corrective actions

Correct any violations within 90 days of submitting your report or request an extension of up to one year.

  • The department will review all corrective action plans in the final audit report and may request additional information or revisions to the proposed corrective action plans.
  • Participants can request an extension of up to one year to complete corrective actions.

Corrective action extension process

  • Corrective actions that exceed 90 days require DNR approval. The following information should be emailed to to request an extension:
    • Proposed compliance schedule for correcting violations;
    • Justification of the proposed compliance schedule;
    • Proposed fines if extended compliance schedule is exceeded; and
    • Description of measures taken to minimize the impacts of the violations during the extension period.
  • Compliance schedules cannot exceed one year and limited liability protections cannot extend more than six months beyond the end of the extended schedule.
    • If a participant does not meet their compliance schedule, DNR will collect the proposed fines.
    • Uncorrected violations are subject to regular stepped enforcement processes, including possible referral for civil action to collect additional fines.
  • When the department and the participant agree on the extended compliance schedule, a public notice will be issued in the newspaper of record and on the DNR website containing the following information:
    • Name and location of facility;
    • Violation description and proposed correction action plans;
    • Proposed correction schedule;
    • Proposed fine if the extended schedule is exceeded;
  • The department will also accept comments for 30 days on the corrective action plan and schedule. It will evaluate all public comments before finalizing an agreement.
Last revised: Tuesday October 22 2019