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For fish-related Scientific Collector Permit Annual Report questions contact:
Joe Bevington
For all other Scientific Collector Permit and Scientific Research License Annual Report questions contact:
Naomi Rivers

Scientific Collector Permit and Scientific Research License Annual report

All holders of a Wisconsin Scientific Collector Permit (SCP) or a Scientific Research License (SRL) are required to complete and submit an annual report of activities conducted under the permit. Annual reports are due January 10 of the year following expiration of the permit. If you hold more than one SCP/SRL permit, a separate annual report for each permit is required.

SCP/SRL annual report instructions

If you would like to renew your permit, submit a new application and include updates or changes as necessary.

Failure to submit timely, complete and accurate annual reports may result in non-renewal or delayed issuance of the SCP/SRL or other permits and confiscation of any specimens in your possession.

Species data collected by permit holders may be added to the Wisconsin Natural Heritage Inventory database. Personal information collected on this form will be used for administrative purposes and may also be made available to requestors under Wisconsin’s Open Records Law (ss. 19.31-19.39, Wis. Stats.).

Permit holder information
Fill in all boxes:
DNR Customer ID
SCP/SRL Permit number
Street address
Zip code
Phone number
Permit work information
Check one of the following:
I report that no work was conducted* under the authority of this SCP or SRL during the past year. I am submitting this form as my Annual Report. No additional information is required.
I report that work was conducted* under this SCP or SRL during the past year. I am submitting this form and additional information for the Annual Report for the Scientific Collector Permit or the Scientific Research License according to the annual report instructions.
* "Work conducted" includes any activity with species authorized under this permit, including to take from the wild, collect, salvage, possess or to propagate, transfer, dispose or release the wild animal under authority of the permit.
Report submission
  • If you did not conduct work or activities under your SCP or SRL during the permit duration, complete and submit the online Annual Report form only. No additional information is required.
  • If you did conduct work under your SCP or SRL, complete and submit the onlineAnnual Report form AND submit additional information according to the Annual Report Instructions by email or mail.

Email additional information to:
Subject Heading: Annual Report - [Add permit # here]


Mail additional information for fish-related SCP annual reports to:

Joe Bevington, FM-4
101, S. Webster
Madison, WI 53703

Mail additional information for all other SCP or SRL annual reports:

Naomi Rivers, NHC-6
101 S. Webster
Madison, WI 53703

* Please be sure to include your permit number on the envelope when submitting by mail.

Notes from permit holder

By entering my initials and today’s date below, pursuant to the provisions of s. 29.614, s. 169.25, s. 169.36 Wis. Stats., and Chapter NR 19.11, Wis. Admin. Code, I am submitting this form and any attached or corresponding information to fulfill the annual reporting requirement of my Wisconsin Scientific Collectors Permit or Scientific Research License. I certify that I am the person submitting this information and that any statements made on or in conjunction with this form and any attached or supplementary materials are complete, correct and not misrepresented in any way.

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Last revised: Tuesday, October 15, 2019