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For information on Wisconsin's rare vertebrate animals, contact:
Rich Staffen
Conservation Biologist
For information on Wisconsin's rare invertebrates, contact:
Jay Watson
Conservation Biologist

Wisconsin's rare aquatic and terrestrial snails

Aquatic and terrestrial snails on Wisconsin's Natural Heritage Working List – last revised May 2016. Life history, where they are found in the state, photos and management information is available for many of these species. Please consider sharing your observations [exit DNR] with the Wisconsin Natural Heritage Inventory

Click on the table headings to sort the table or sort taxonomically. Choose a species from the list to explore information for that animal. View the table key.
Scientific Name Common Name Global
WWAP Mapped in NHI
Strobilops affinis Eightfold Pinecone G4 S3 m-SIN N
Discus patulus Domed Disc G5 SU r-SIN N
Philomycus carolinianus Carolina Mantleslug G5 SU r-SIN N
Valvata winnebagoensis Flanged Valvata G2? SU r-SIN N
Somatogyrus depressus Sandbar Pebblesnail G2 SU r-SIN N
Acella haldemani Spindle Lymnaea G3 SU r-SIN N
Bulimnaea megasoma Mammoth Lymnaea G4G5 SU r-SIN N
Pseudosuccinea columella Mimic Lymnaea G5 SU r-SIN N
Stagnicola caperata Wrinkled Marshsnail G5 SU r-SIN N
Aplexa elongata Lance Aplexa G5 SU r-SIN N
Planorbella truncata Druid Rams-horn G3G4 SU r-SIN N
Hendersonia occulta Cherrystone Drop G4 S2S3 THR SGCN Y
Cochlicopa morseana Appalachian Pillar G5 S2 SC/N SGCN Y
Gastrocopta procera Wing Snaggletooth G5 S3 THR SGCN Y
Vertigo modesta Cross Vertigo G5 S1 SC/N SGCN Y
Vertigo morsei Six-whorl Vertigo G3 S1 SC/N SGCN Y
Vertigo nylanderi Deep-throated Vertigo G3G4 S1S2 SC/N SGCN Y
Vertigo arthuri Callused Vertigo (Hubricht's Vertigo) G5 S1 END SGCN Y
Planogyra asteriscus Eastern Flat-whorl G4G5 S1 SC/N SGCN Y
Vallonia parvula Trumpet Vallonia G4 S2 SC/N SGCN Y
Zoogenetes harpa Boreal Top G5 S1 SC/N SGCN Y
Strobilops aeneus Bronze Pinecone G5 S1 SC/N SGCN Y
Helicodiscus singleyanus Smooth Coil G5 S2 SC/N SGCN Y
Guppya sterkii Brilliant Granule G5 S2S3 SC/N SGCN Y
Glyphyalinia rhoadsi Sculpted Glyph G5 S2 SC/N SGCN Y
Glyphyalinia wheatleyi Bright Glyph G5 S1 SC/N SGCN Y
Paravitrea multidentata Dentate Supercoil G5 S2S3 SC/N SGCN Y
Striatura exigua Ribbed Striate G5 S3 SC/N SGCN Y
Striatura ferrea Black Striate G5 S2 SC/N SGCN Y
Zonitoides limatulus Dull Gloss G4G5 S1S2 SC/N SGCN Y
Vitrina angelicae Transparent Vitrine Snail G5 S1 SC/N SGCN Y
Allogona profunda Broad-banded Forestsnail G5 S2 SC/N SGCN Y

Rank and status: To learn more about species rank and status, see the working list key. WWAP: (Wisconsin Wildlife Action Plan): SGCN (Species of Greatest Conservation Need) and monitoring and ranking SIN (Species with Information Needs). Mapped in NHI: (Natural Heritage Inventory): Y = Observations of these species are mapped into the NHI database.

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Last revised: Thursday, October 08, 2020