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DNR Dam Safety
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Dam safety New dam construction


Dam construction

A dam is any artificial barrier in or across a watercourse which has the primary purpose of impounding or diverting water. A dam includes all appurtenant works, such as a dike, canal or powerhouse.

Dams have a significant impact on water quality, wildlife, public safety, water rights issues and land use in Wisconsin. Therefore, Chapter 31 of the Wisconsin Statutes authorizes the Wisconsin DNR to regulate new dams on both navigable and non-navigable streams to ensure that dams are safely built, operated and maintained. The law outlines dam construction, permitting, safety, operation and maintenance. Supplementing the law are Administrative Rules, such as Wisconsin Administrative Code, Chapter NR 333 that provides design and construction standards for large dams.

Permits or plan approvals are required for new dams on both navigable and non-navigable waterways (streams, creeks or rivers). A fee is required. During the review process, the DNR evaluates the project plans from both an engineering perspective and the potential impacts the project will have on the waterway. A new dam will need to be designed by a professional engineer registered in Wisconsin. DNR staff will also review what potential impacts the project will have on fish and wildlife, water quality, navigation, and similar interests.

Before you develop formal plans, it is recommended that you schedule a pre-application meeting with DNR staff to discuss permit requirements and project planning. DNR staff can also provide you with an early indication of factors that require consideration and the likelihood of project approval or denial. Please contact the local Water Management Engineer and local Water Management Specialist to arrange a pre-application meeting.

Exemptions and permits

  • There are no exemptions for new dam construction.
  • Water Permits - choose the "Waterway and wetland" tab and then find activity "Dam - New Construction."

Federal law requires landowners of construction sites with one acre or more of land disturbance to address erosion control and stormwater management. If your project involves the disturbance of an acre or more, please visit Water Permits to apply for a stormwater permit.


Applicable statutes and codes include Section 31, Wis. Stats. [PDF exit DNR] and Chapter NR 333 [PDF exit DNR].

Local permits and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regulations may also apply. We advise you to contact your local zoning office and your regional U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Office(exit DNR).

Last revised: Monday March 30 2020