Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Green Tier participants


  • Tier 1 is designed for those that are committed to enhanced environmental protection to distinguish themselves from others. Tier 1 participants are generally environmental innovators with proactive management teams. The DNR is committed to supporting these participants with incentives, including use of the Green Tier logo, that are not available to other companies.
  • Tier 2 is designed for superior environmental companies. These companies can demonstrate a history of superior environmental performance and have an effective Environmental Management System (EMS). Tier 2 participants represent the truly exceptional companies that are not only committed to going above and beyond but are also committed to bringing about change in their industry, region, or within their supply chain.

Feature Representation: Location of participant’s address.
Source: Wisconsin DNR, Division of External Services, Bureau of Environmental Analysis & Sustainability
Date: Continuously updated
For more information: Overview of the Green Tier Program