Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Facility-wide sites

Summary: This activity type is the umbrella activity of a subset of activities at a facility that are part of the same negotiated agreement. Generally, these activity types are large sites with continuing operations that have smaller releases over time. There may also be some activities at the same location that should not be part of the Facility-wide Activity Type because they are not covered by the negotiated agreement.

Feature Representation:
Facility-wide Site Boundary (polygon) – represents the boundary of the site in the negotiated agreement.
Facility-wide Site (point) – represents the centroid of the site in the negotiated agreement.

Wisconsin DNR, Remediation & Redevelopment Program

Continuously Updated

Does not include:
Negotiated agreements not yet finalized or mapped.

For More Information: 
From RR Sites Map, click on the site using the "Identify" button, then click on "View Activity Details on BOTW" in the left pane.  This will provide which sites are associated with the Facility-wide site.