Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

EM/DG - landfills with 1200 foot buffer

Summary: Landfills with a 1200 foot buffer around them. Well drillers constructing wells within this buffer must apply for a variance per ch. NR 812, Wis. Adm. Code.
Source: Wisconsin DNR, Drinking and Groundwater Program
Date: Continuously Updated
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Disclaimer: LANDFILL DATA: This Geographic Information System (GIS) landfill data consist of polygons that represent landfill boundaries; it approximates the limits of waste based on available information derived from several data sources, including maps contained in DNR files and aerial photograph interpretation by DNR staff. Landfill GIS locations should not be solely relied upon to make compliance decisions. Some of the landfills shown in GIS may be depicted by a point only, because GIS boundaries have not yet been determined. For an accurate depiction of the landfill boundary, please see information contained in the DNR's landfill file located at one of the DNR regional headquarters across the state.
Landfill GIS locations may be used by well drillers and the DNR Drinking Water and Groundwater Program to help identify the general location of the landfill and to assist in whether a well variance may be needed from ch. NR 812, Wis. Adm. Code, minimum setback distance of 1,200 feet from a landfill. Because the 1,200-foot setback required by ch. NR 812, Wis. Adm. Code is based on the landfill footprint, the landfill point location should not be used to determine compliance with setback distance requirements.