Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

GIS Registry

Includes sites where one or more of the following continuing obligations were included in a closure letter (closed sites), a remedial action approval letter (open sites), or in a liability clarification letter for a Local Governmental Unit (LGU exempt status):

  • residual soil and/or groundwater contamination was above environmental standards at the completion of the cleanup and must be managed according to applicable environmental laws and rules;
  • continued monitoring was approved or required;
  • a monitoring well needs to be properly abandoned, if/when located in the future;
  • land use is limited to industrial, due to application of industrial soil standards for closure;
  • maintenance of a barrier (e.g. soil cover, engineered cover, pavement or other barrier) is required at the site;
  • a structural impediment (e.g. a building and/or cement slab) is present at the site. which prevented a complete investigation and cleanup. Further action is required in the future if/when the structural impediment is removed;
  • use of a vapor mitigation system is required;
  • notification of the Department is required before the use of the property is changed from commercial or industrial to a residential type use; and additional action may be needed;
  • additional actions may be necessary if a building is constructed, modified or if use of a building or the property changes.
  • a site specific condition is present;
  • a local government unit is required to take an action to maintain a liability exemption (s. 292.24, Wis. Stats); and

To view the PDF document for the property-specific continuing obligation(s) and long-term management of residual contamination, in RR Sites Map click on the site using the “Identify” button, then click on "View Activity Details on BOTW" in the left pane.

For background information about residual contamination and this type of legal obligation, please see our Managing Properties with Residual Contamination page. Residual soil contamination for cleanups that were approved prior to August 1, 2002 are being added to the GIS Registry.

DNR approval for well construction is required of the property owner at these sites in the GIS Registry. A "site" is a contamination incident, not a property. A site may be smaller than a property or may include more than one property.

For sites that include more than one property, information for all the properties is available on BRRTS on the Web (BOTW). You can get to the specific record through RR Sites map by clicking on the site using the "Identify" button and then click on "View Activity Details on BOTW" in the left pane. Scroll down the "Document" section, and click on the link for the PDF.

Map layers that may be selected in the GIS Registry include groundwater contamination, soil contamination, soil and groundwater contamination and contamination from another property.