Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Closed sites

Includes Environmental Repair Program (ERP) and Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) sites where contamination affected soil, groundwater or other media, but the department determined, based on information at the time, that no further remedial action is required. A "site" is a contamination incident, not a property. A site may be smaller than a property or may include more than one property.

Does not include:

  • spills (immediate cleanup);
  • sites where the DNR required no action;
  • sites not yet mapped; and
  • sites never reported to the DNR.

To get to the continuing obligations packet from RR Sites Map, click on the site using the “Identify” button, then click on "View Activity Details on BOTW" in the left pane. Click on the link for the PDF associated with the action "Continuing Obligations Applied".