Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Continuing obligations

Summary: Includes Environmental Repair Program (ERP) and Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) and Facility-wide sites with Continuing Obligations. Continuing obligations are certain actions for which property owners are legally responsible. They still apply after a property is sold - each new owner becomes responsible for them.

The state provides notice to the public by adding the property and related continuing obligation information to the DNR's Wisconsin Remediation and Redevelopment Database (WRRD) established in accordance with s. 292.12(3), Wis. Stats [PDF exit DNR].

The two most common continuing obligations are:

  1. proper management of contaminated soil if it is excavated; and
  2. obtaining approval for construction of water supply wells.

Other property-specific obligations may apply.

Source: Wisconsin DNR, Remediation & Redevelopment Program
Date: Continuously Updated
For more information: Continuing obligations; Continuing Obligations for Environmental Protection (RR-819) [PDF]; Technical Documentation