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Eleven-step air permit process

All new, modified, reconstructed, relocated or replaced air pollutant sources (unless exempt) are required to obtain a construction permit from the Department of Natural Resources. The facility, DNR and the public all have a role in the construction permitting process. The diagram below is an interactive illustration of the construction permit process.

The shape of each step shows who has the key role at that phase of the process: a cloud (oval) represents the facility; a rectangle represents the DNR Bureau of Air Management; a star represents the public. This overview provides only a summary of the construction permit process and requirements. Please refer to the Wisconsin Statutes and Wisconsin Administrative Code for the specific language and requirements for construction permits.

Interactive diagram

If you move your curser over each step in the flowchart below, the text will enlarge and appear below the chart. You can also click on each shape in the diagram, which opens a new window containing detailed information about the step.

11 Step Process
1. Facility Defines Project
2. Is A Permit Required?
2b. Facility Proceeds Without Permit
3. Facility Submits Permit Application to DNR
4. DNR Determines if Application is Complete
5. DNR Conducts Technical Review
5a. DNR Conducts Case-by-case Review
5b. DNR Models Emissions to Evaluate Health Impacts
6. DNR Makes Preliminary Determination: Can a permit be issued?
7. DNR Issues a Draft Permit and Publishes a Public Notice
7a. Start of 30-day Public Comment Period
7b. DNR May Hold Public Hearings(s)
7c. DNR Reponds to Comments
8. DNR Makes Permit Decision
8b. Facility is Not Permitted to Construct Project as Proposed
9. DNR Issues Final Permit
10. Facility Constructs Project
11. DNR Inspects Facility and Reviews Reports for Compliance
Last revised: Monday March 21 2016