DNR Staff Directory
Name: Adrian G Stocks
Email Address: Adrian.Stocks@wisconsin.gov
Working Title: NR Manager
Supervisor: Zellmer, James A
Org. Chart: Division of Environmental Management > Water Quality
Division Administrator: Foss, Darsi J
Work Phone:
(608) 266-2666

Work Mobile Phone:

Work Station:
Work Address:
Natural Resources, Department of
Work Mailing Address:
PO Box 7921
Madison, WI 53707-7921
Assigned Subjects
SubjectCounties Served
Blue Green AlgaeStatewide
Clean Water Act Integrated ReportingStatewide
Contaminated Sediment, Lincoln CreekStatewide
Critical Habitat DesignationsStatewide
Environmental Monitoring & Assessment Program, EMAPStatewide
Eutrophication StudiesStatewide
Fox River Lower Green Bay Area of ConcernStatewide
Lake Grants, Planning, Protection and ClassificationStatewide
Lake MapsStatewide
Lake Quality Problems, Lake CoordinatorsStatewide
Large Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (POWTS)Statewide
Menominee River Area of ConcernStatewide
Milwaukee Estuary Area of ConcernStatewide
Mississippi RiverStatewide
Mixing Zone StudiesStatewide
Municipal Wastewater Plan ReviewStatewide
National Aquatic Resource SurveysStatewide
Odor Complaints, Land SpreadingStatewide
Outstanding/Exceptional Resource WatersStatewide
Publication DistributionStatewide
Rivers GrantsStatewide
Rivers ResourcesStatewide
Sanitary Sewer Collection SystemsStatewide
Septage Operator CertificationStatewide
Sewer Extension Plan ReviewStatewide
Sewer Service Area PlanningStatewide
Sheboygan River Area of ConcernStatewide
Surface Water Data ViewerStatewide
Surface Water Integrated Monitoring System (SWIMS)Statewide
Surface Water SpillsStatewide
Systems Planning and Data IntegrationStatewide
Triennial Standards ReviewsStatewide
Use Attainability AnalysisStatewide
USGS LiaisonStatewide
Wastewater Pretreatment ProgramStatewide
Wastewater Treatment PlantsStatewide
Water Assessment Tracking and Electronic Reporting System (WATERS)Statewide
Water Assessment Tracking and Electronic Reporting System File Manager (WATERS)Statewide
Water Assessment, Restoration and Protection (WARP)Statewide
Water Quality ModelingStatewide
Water Quality StandardsStatewide
Water Quality TechnicianStatewide
Water Resources ModelingStatewide
WET, Whole Effluent Toxicity, TestingStatewide
Wetland GIS ApplicationsStatewide
Wetland Invasive SpeciesStatewide
Wetland Invasive Species Monitoring & TrackingStatewide
Wetland Monitoring and AssessmentStatewide
Wetland TeamStatewide
Wisconsin Lakes BookStatewide
Wisconsin Lakes PartnershipStatewide
WPDES General PermitsStatewide
WPDES Permit ApplicationsStatewide
WPDES Permits, Adaptive ManagementStatewide
WPDES Permits, AquacultureStatewide
WPDES Permits, Ballast WaterStatewide
WPDES Permits, Biomonitoring, Toxicity TestingStatewide
WPDES Permits, Compliance Maintenance Annual Report (CMAR)Statewide
WPDES Permits, Food and Meat ProcessingStatewide
WPDES Permits, Food Processing DischargesStatewide
WPDES Permits, General Permit CoordinatorStatewide
WPDES Permits, GroundwaterStatewide
WPDES Permits, Groundwater Remediation DischargersStatewide
WPDES Permits, Metal Finishing and ElectroplatingStatewide
WPDES Permits, Operation, Maintenance of WastewaterStatewide
WPDES Permits, Permit Compliance System DatabaseStatewide
WPDES Permits, Permit DraftingStatewide
WPDES Permits, Permits Web PageStatewide
WPDES Permits, PhosphorusStatewide
WPDES Permits, Power PlantsStatewide
WPDES Permits, Pulp and Paper MillsStatewide
WPDES Permits, SWAMP Data ManagerStatewide
WPDES Permits, SWAMP ReportsStatewide
WPDES Permits, ThermalStatewide
WPDES Permits, Water Quality Standards VariancesStatewide
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