DNR Staff Directory
Name: Ryan D Haffele
Email Address: Ryan.Haffele@Wisconsin.gov
Working Title: Wildlife Biologist
Supervisor: Harvey H Halvorsen
Org. Chart: Division of Fish, Wildlife & Parks > Wildlife Management > Wildlife Management West Central District > Eau Claire Area
Secretary’s Director: Dan G Baumann
Primary Phone:
(715) 684-2914 Ext: 118

Secondary Phone:
(715) 928-0470

(715) 684-5940
Work Station:
Work Address:
890 Spruce Street
Baldwin, WI 54002
Work Mailing Address:
890 Spruce Street
Baldwin, WI 54002
Assigned Subjects
SubjectCounties Served
Apple River Canyon State Natural AreaSt. Croix
Black BearPierce, St. Croix
Casey Lake Wildlife Area - WPHRASt. Croix
Clay Corners Wildlife AreaPierce
CougarsPierce, St. Croix
CrowsPierce, St. Croix
Cylon Marsh Wildlife Area St. Croix
Cylon Wildlife Area St. Croix
Disabled HuntingPierce, St. Croix
DucksPierce, St. Croix
Feral Pig ControlPierce, St. Croix
GeesePierce, St. Croix
Grouse: Ruffed Grouse, Sharp-tailed Grouse, Greater Prairie-Chicken, Grey PartirdgePierce, St. Croix
Kinnickinnic River Fishery Area - Swinging GateSt. Croix
Kinnickinnic River Fishery Area - NeumanSt. Croix
Kinnickinnic River Headwaters Wildlife Area - WPHRASt. Croix
Lundy Pond Wildlife Area - WPHRASt. Croix
Manion Wildlife AreaPierce
Mourning DovesPierce, St. Croix
Mute SwansPierce, St. Croix
Nagel Wildlife Management Area - WPHRASt. Croix
Oakridge Wildlife AreaSt. Croix
Oden Memorial Wildlife AreaSt. Croix
PheasantsPierce, St. Croix
Pierce County Islands Wildlife Area - Mississippi River Pierce
Private Lands Wildlife ManagementPierce, St. Croix
Public Hunting LandsPierce, St. Croix
QuailPierce, St. Croix
Ray Extensive Wildlife Habitat AreaSt. Croix
Ray Morrison Wildlife AreaSt. Croix
Sandhill CranesPierce, St. Croix
St. Croix Islands Wildlife AreaSt. Croix
Ten Mile Creek Wildlife Area - WPHRASt. Croix
Trapping and Trapper EducationPierce, St. Croix
TurkeysPierce, St. Croix
Waterfowl and Other Migratory Game BirdsPierce, St. Croix
Western Prairie Habitat Restoration Area (WPHRA)St. Croix
Wetland Management and RestorationPierce, St. Croix
Wildlife AreasPierce, St. Croix
Wildlife BiologistPierce, St. Croix
Wildlife Damage Permits and ProgramsPierce, St. Croix
Wildlife Ecology and ManagementPierce, St. Croix
Wildlife EducationPierce, St. Croix
Wildlife General Information Pierce, St. Croix
Wildlife Habitat Management and RestorationPierce, St. Croix
Wildlife Land Acquisition and ManagementPierce, St. Croix
Wildlife Nuisance IssuesPierce, St. Croix
Wildlife Population ManagementPierce, St. Croix
Wildlife WatchingPierce, St. Croix
Willow River Wildlife Area - WPHRASt. Croix
Wolves and Wolf Incidental TrappingPierce, St. Croix
WoodcockPierce, St. Croix
WPHRA - Emerald Valley St. Croix
WPHRA - JohnsonSt. Croix
WPHRA - McAdams, Goose Pond, Ulrich unitsSt. Croix
WPHRA - Nagel St. Croix
WPHRA - Schmitt St. Croix
WPHRA - Simon PrairieSt. Croix
WPHRA- SetteSt. Croix
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