DNR Staff Directory
Name: Todd A Naas
Email Address: todd.naas@wisconsin.gov
Working Title: Wildlife Biologist
Supervisor: Pat S Beringer
Org. Chart: Division of Fish, Wildlife & Parks > Wildlife Management > Wildlife Management Northern District > Upper Chippewa Area
Secretary’s Director: James Yach
Primary Phone:
(715) 685-2914

Secondary Phone:

(715) 685-2909
Work Station:
Work Address:
2501 Golf Course Road
Ashland, WI 54806
Work Mailing Address:
2501 Golf Course Road
Ashland, WI 54806
Assigned Subjects
SubjectCounties Served
Black BearAshland, Bayfield
DucksAshland, Bayfield
Furbearer Ecology and ManagementAshland, Bayfield
GeeseAshland, Bayfield
Grouse: Ruffed Grouse, Sharp-tailed Grouse, Greater Prairie-Chicken, Grey PartirdgeAshland, Bayfield
Private Lands Wildlife ManagementAshland, Bayfield
Public Hunting LandsAshland, Bayfield
Totagatic Lake Wildlife Area Bayfield
Trapping and Trapper EducationAshland, Bayfield
TurkeysAshland, Bayfield
White River Wildlife Area Ashland
Wildlife AreasAshland, Bayfield
Wildlife BiologistAshland, Bayfield
Wildlife Damage Permits and ProgramsAshland, Bayfield
Wildlife Ecology and ManagementAshland, Bayfield
Wildlife General Information Ashland, Bayfield
Wildlife Health and DiseaseAshland, Bayfield
Wildlife Nuisance IssuesAshland, Bayfield
Wildlife Population ManagementAshland, Bayfield
Wildlife RehabilitationAshland, Bayfield
WoodcockAshland, Bayfield
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