DNR Staff Directory
Name: Mark A Rasmussen
Email Address: MarkA.Rasmussen@wisconsin.gov
Working Title: Wildlife Biologist-Sen
Supervisor: Carstens, Jess L
Org. Chart: Division of Fish, Wildlife & Parks > Wildlife Management > Wildlife Management West Central District > Eau Claire Area
Secretary’s Director: Baumann, Dan G
Work Phone:
(608) 685-6222

Work Mobile Phone:
(608) 418-0259

Work Station:
Work Address:
Natural Resources, Department of
ALMA, WI 54610-9705
Work Mailing Address:
PO Box 88
Alma, WI 54610-0088
Assigned Subjects
SubjectCounties Served
Big Swamp Wildlife Area Buffalo, Trempealeau
Bird ConservationBuffalo, Trempealeau
Black BearBuffalo, Trempealeau
Borst Valley Wildlife Area Buffalo, Trempealeau
Chimney Rock Wildlife Area Buffalo, Trempealeau
Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)Buffalo, Trempealeau
CougarsBuffalo, Trempealeau
Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP)Buffalo, Trempealeau
Disabled HuntingBuffalo, Trempealeau
DucksBuffalo, Trempealeau
Feral Pig ControlBuffalo, Trempealeau
Furbearer Ecology and ManagementBuffalo, Trempealeau
GeeseBuffalo, Trempealeau
Grouse: Ruffed Grouse, Sharp-tailed Grouse, Greater Prairie-Chicken, Grey PartirdgeBuffalo, Trempealeau
Lakes Coulee Wildlife Area Buffalo, Trempealeau
Master Plans for State Wildlife AreasBuffalo, Trempealeau
Mute SwansBuffalo, Trempealeau
PheasantsBuffalo, Trempealeau
Private Lands Wildlife ManagementBuffalo, Trempealeau
Public Hunting LandsBuffalo, Trempealeau
QuailBuffalo, Trempealeau
Sandhill CranesBuffalo, Trempealeau
Tamarack Creek Wildlife Area Buffalo, Trempealeau
Tiffany Wildlife Area Buffalo, Trempealeau
Tollefson Marsh Wildlife Area Buffalo, Trempealeau
Trapping and Trapper EducationBuffalo, Trempealeau
TurkeysBuffalo, Trempealeau
Vosse Coulee Wildlife Area Buffalo, Trempealeau
Waterfowl and Other Migratory Game BirdsBuffalo, Trempealeau
Whitman Dam Wildlife Area Buffalo, Trempealeau
Wildlife AreasBuffalo, Trempealeau
Wildlife BiologistBuffalo, Trempealeau
Wildlife Ecology and ManagementBuffalo, Trempealeau
Wildlife EducationBuffalo, Trempealeau
Wildlife General Information Buffalo, Trempealeau
Wildlife Habitat Management and RestorationBuffalo, Trempealeau
Wildlife Health and DiseaseBuffalo, Trempealeau
Wildlife Land Acquisition and ManagementBuffalo, Trempealeau
Wildlife Nuisance IssuesBuffalo, Trempealeau
Wildlife Population ManagementBuffalo, Trempealeau
Wildlife RehabilitationBuffalo, Trempealeau
Wildlife WatchingBuffalo, Trempealeau
Wolves and Wolf Incidental TrappingBuffalo, Trempealeau
WoodcockBuffalo, Trempealeau
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