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Application Information
Apply for laboratory accreditation.
Program Information
More information about the LabCert program.
Resources & Training
Tools to assist you in testing.
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Contact information
For information on the Lab Certification program, contact:
Tom Trainor
Program chemist
Certification Services

DNR LabCert mailbox

Other BOD resources


Laboratory Testing For BOD and CBOD
Authors: Perry Brake of the Washington Dept. of Ecology, and Mike Raynovic of NCL
This 120 page manual on BOD testing, gives valuable insights into troubleshooting BOD blanks, and GGA's, as well as the equipment involved.
Chapters on sampling, pretreatment, probe calibrations, dilution water, alternate procedures, correlation of BOD with other parameters, equipment, bench sheets, statistical considerations, and tips for troubleshooting.
Over two years in the making, this work explains many of the so-called mysteries and corrects many of the common misconceptions and "old-wives tales" about this test. A systematic approach is presented for correcting dilution water blank problems, and GGA imprecision and bias, and a "BOD Checksheet" is provided to help the end-user assure that nothing has been missed.


Field Training Manual for Laboratory Analysts: Chapter 7- BOD Biochemical Oxygen Demand
Author: Michael Dugan

Other tools

BOD Checklist [PDF]
Checklist developed by the Lab Certification Program.
QC Checklist [PDF]
Checklist developed by the Lab Certification Program.
BOD Dilution Chart [PDF}
Chart developed by State Lab of Hygiene staff which helps you determine the best dilutions to prepare for any given sample.
SLH BOD Set-Up Log [PDF]
A good log for BOD samples set up on any given day developed by State Lab of Hygiene staff.
DO Saturation Table [PDF]
Dissolved oxygen saturation chart based on both pressure and temperature. No calculations required if you have temperature and true uncorrected barometric pressure measurements! This table will tell you absolutely the point at which any sample is super-saturated.
EPA allowance - disposable BOD bottles [PDF]
Letter from EPA allowing use of disposable bottles from Environmental Express. (obtained from Environmental Express website).
BOD Benchsheets
Benchsheets for use in BOD testing.
BOD Procedure
Taken from the Lab Certification program document "QA Document for a Small Wastewater Lab". This is a little rusty, but provides a good start.

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Unauthorized use prohibited without the expressed written consent of the UW, State Laboratory of Hygiene and the DNR Laboratory Certification & Registration Program.

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