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Lab Data Entry System
transmit data from facilities and laboratories to the DNR
Lab Certification
Lab Certification main webpage
image of Lab Data Entry portal
Contact information
For information on lab data entry, contact:
Laboratory Coordinator
Wisconsin DNR
PO Box 7921
Madison, WI 53717

Laboratory data entry system (LDES)

Data transmittal format (public drinking water)

The Department realizes that facilities and laboratories do not all have the same capability in providing electronic records.  Therefore, there are a number of options for electronic submittal.

  • Web data entry form:
  • (for public drinking water results only): The web-based data entry form is now available for laboratories to enter public Safe Drinking Water Act samples. More information on entering these types of sample results directly via the web is provided on the DNR's Electronic reporting of public water samples page.
  • Manual file upload: Manually log on to the DNR Switchboard with your WAMS ID and tell the system what file to upload. There are two types of files that can be uploaded.
  • View a sample file tab-delimited file, "SampleFile.txt" [ASCII text].

    View the sample file after uploading into Excel, "Uploaded file.xls" [Excel 97].

    • Tab-Delimited text file: The sample, analysis, result, and memo information into a single record for each result. The file includes 1 batch record followed by combined records. This format does not allow samples to be submitted without analyses and results, and only allows for a single memo for each analysis. Explanations of the fields and file structure are provided in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet [Excel 97].
    • View the XML schema, "wi_labs.xsd" [.xsd].

      View a sample file in XML format, "samples.xml" [XML].

    • XML format: The Department has adopted "eXtended Markup Language" (XML) for data transfer in the future.  In order to use the XML file format, the tags for the markup language have been standardized into an XML schema.

    View the XML schema, "wi_labs.xsd" [.xsd].

    View a sample file in XML format, "samplesauto.xml" [XML].

  • Automatic file upload: An XML file is required that is somewhat different than the XML for the manual file upload. You will send your XML file to a web service (EPA Exchange Node). We will provide a batch client for your submissions.
Last revised: Thursday February 23 2017