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Taylor Finger
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2022 Pheasant stocking

See the Combined Hunting Regulations for more information on pheasant hunting.

The Wisconsin DNR plans to stock approximately 75,000 pheasants from the state game farm on over 80 properties statewide. Depending on production levels, pheasants are released once prior to the pheasant hunting season and then twice a week for the first two to three weeks of the season. After that, birds are released about once a week until the 9-day gun deer season. More information on the 2021 Pheasant Holiday Stocking can be found here, under the “Season Dates” tab

2022 Pheasant Season is Oct. 15, 2022-Jan. 8, 2023. The bag limit is one rooster daily Oct. 15-16 and two roosters daily for the remainder of the season. Pheasant hunters need a valid small game license and a 2022 Pheasant Stamp.

FFLIGHT is the Fields & Forest Lands Interactive Gamebird Hunting Tool, an online map showing properties stocked with pheasants, managed dove fields and suitable cover for ruffed grouse and woodcock. Visit and search keyword “FFLIGHT” for more information.

12:00 p.m. Closure Areas are properties where pheasant hunting hours close at 12pm on weekdays beginning the third day of the season and continuing through Nov. 3. The remainder of the season and all other properties follow regular small game hunting hours listed in the combined hunting regulations.

Hen/Rooster Areas are properties where the harvest of both roosters and hens is allowed. The bag limit is one pheasant daily Oct. 15-16 and two pheasants daily for the remainder of the season. All other properties only allow the harvest of roosters.

The Day-old Chick (DOC) Program allows conservation clubs to raise and release pheasants on private land open to public hunting or on approved state-owned lands. Hunters are reminded to be polite and notify landowners before hunting on open private property as part of the DOC program. Visit and search keyword “Game Farm” for more information.

2022 Pheasant Holiday Hunting Opportunities
Please check back closer to the pheasant season for information on properties that will be stocked for the holiday hunt.

Properties to be stocked for the 2021 Pheasant Holiday Hunt will be:
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