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Water Control Structure Failure at Cadiz Springs State Recreation Area Lowers Lake Levels at Beckman Lake

Contact(s): Brian Hefty, Deputy Bureau Director Division of Fish, Wildlife & Parks - Parks and Recreation, 608-576-1403,

August 23, 2019 at 10:47:55 pm

BROWNTOWN, Wis. - The water control structure containing Beckman Lake at Cadiz Springs State Recreation Area has failed causing the lake levels to drop significantly. Beckman Lake is a 63-acre lake with a maximum depth of about 12 feet and is fed by Allen Creek.

Low lake levels were observed Friday evening and reported to DNR program staff. Upon consultation with a department dam safety engineer, it was determined that the tin whistle control structure had been compromised. The exact cause of the failure is unknown due to passing water. Dam safety engineers will be inspecting the structure to determine the exact cause of the failure.

The breach is controlled at this time and there is no risk to public safety. The rate at which the water is flowing out of the lake is consistent with a common summer rain storm or spring snow melt. Much of the water will be absorbed by the wetlands surrounding the lake which consists of state and private land. There is no public or private structure, developed land or agriculture land at risk of flooding.

The property remains open to visitors however the boat launch, fishing pier and beach will be closed until the structure can be repaired or replaced. Visitors are advised not to access the impoundment due to saturated and mucky soils.

DNR staff will be working in the coming days to determine the exact cause of failure and any necessary repairs. The impound will remain drawn down until repairs are made and the structure is safe.

Cadiz Springs State Recreation Area is a day use area that provides picnicking, hiking, hunting, fishing and wildlife watching opportunities. Located in southwest Wisconsin's driftless area, the landscape is uniquely different from the rest of the state. Here the bogs, marshes and many lakes are replaced by rolling hills and valleys with spring-fed streams. There is no camping at Cadiz Springs.

Last Revised: Friday, August 23, 2019

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