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Bird survey yields rare finds and must-see photos

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  • ##This mother sandhill crane and her young, called a "colt", were photographed in early May by a volunteer participating in the Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas, an update of a largely volunteer survey done 20 years ago. Organizers are now looking for volunteers for the current effort. Photo credit: Marjorie Rhine
  • ##This adult long-eared owl, a rare nester in Wisconsin, was confirmed as breeding in Dane County this May as part of the Atlas survey. In the previous Atlas survey done 20 years ago, long-eared owls were confirmed as breeding in only five counties statewide. Photo credit: Dale Bonk
  • ##One of the young long-eared owls hatched in Dane County in 2015. This youngster will become a nimble, silent flyer with acute hearing, able to snatch prey at night. Photo credit: Dale Bonk
  • ##Another young long-eared owl hatched in Dane County in 2015. Photo credit: Dale Bonk
  • ##This black-necked stilt, shown incubating its eggs on a nest in Horicon Marsh, was confirmed this May as breeding in Wisconsin, a welcome observation since it was first documented breeding in Wisconsin during the previous Atlas. Survey officials say its presence is a testament to good conservation work in Wisconsin as healthy wetlands are the only place where the bird will nest. See more photos and information on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's All About Birds. Photo credit: Dave Freriks

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Last Revised: Tuesday, June 2, 2015