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State record fish fall like rain in 2017

  • ##Rod Eberly of Appleton became part of Wisconsin fishing history in May when he became the first angler recognized for a state record fish under the new live release program DNR launched earlier in 2017. Eberly’s historic catch was a 17.75 inch long white bass caught and released May 8 from the Fox River in Brown County. To establish a new live release record, anglers must meet qualifying lengths for the fish species and submit an application and photos including one of the fish by a tape measure or other measuring device.
  • ##Eric Amenda from Germantown carved out the first live release record for pumpkinseed with this 8.25 inch pumpkinseed sunfish caught and released on May 28 from Pleasant Lake in Waushara County.
  • ##Dennis Wilkerson of Twin Lakes set the first live release state record for rock bass with this 10.5-inch rock bass he caught and released on June 10 from Powers Lake in Kenosha County.
  • ##Ben Halfen of Prairie du Sac established the first live release record for bluegill with this 10.5-inch bluegill he caught and released June 16 from Reynard Lake in Bayfield County.
  • ##State records have also been falling in the traditional categories as well. DNR recognizes anglers who have legally taken the largest fish on record by hook and line, as well as those fish that have been taken by alternate methods including spearing or bowfishing. Nine-year-old Tanner Derusha of Odanah submitted the first ever record for a 10.5-inch, 5-ounce rainbow smelt caught on March 5 from Chequamegon Bay in Ashland County..
  • ##Brad Geisthardt of Germantown bettered the existing common shiner record with an 8-inch, 4 ounce fish caught on April 23 from the Mukwonago River in Waukesha County. Illustration: UW Zoology Museum
  • ##Keeping it in the Geisthardt family, brother Eric of Milwaukee set the initial record for an alewife with an 8 1/8-inch, 2.4 oz. fish caught May 19 from Lake Michigan in Milwaukee County.
  • ##Maxfield JonasKrueger of Madison notched his second state fish record with the 19-inch, 2-pound 13.4 ounce golden redhorse he caught May 29 from the Rock River in Jefferson County. As a 13-year-old, JonasKrueger set a new record for golden shiner with a 9.75-inch, 4.8 ounce fish from Fowler Lake in Waukesha County. That record was eclipsed 10 days later, and then again on successive days a month later by a Watertown woman and her fiancé.
  • ##Xavier Vang of Milwaukee erased an almost 20-year shovelnose sturgeon record with a 37.5- inch, 7-pound, 13.1 ounce fish caught May 28 from the Mississippi River in Vernon County.
  • ##Shawn Schmidt of Denmark bettered his own record in the alternate method category with a 9.5-inch, 13-ounce pumpkinseed speared on May 13 from Silver Lake in Washington County. Illustration: UW Zoology Museum
Last Revised: Tuesday May 2 2017