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July 2, 2019

MADISON - Streamlined regulations for lithographic printers and a new online web site are now in place to help the printing industry better navigate air pollution controls in Wisconsin.

The rule revisions, effective July 1, clarify and simplify the Reasonably Available Control Technology rules for lithographic printing. The RACT rules are required by the Clean Air Act and limit organic compound emissions from certain types of industrial facilities including lithographic printing facilities. The goal of the RACT rules is to reduce emissions in areas of Wisconsin that either currently do not, or have not in the past, met certain air quality standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The new rules are part of larger efforts to promote more efficient, sustainable printing operations in Wisconsin. - Photo credit: DNR
The new rules are part of larger efforts to promote more efficient, sustainable printing operations in Wisconsin.Photo credit: DNR

Prior to the streamlined change, lithographic printers were required to meet two different RACT rules that were put in place in 1995 and in 2009. Some lithographic printing facilities have been subject to both rules and complying with one rule did not mean a facility was in compliance with the other rule.

"The revisions of these two rules will make clear to affected facilities which regulations apply to them and how they should comply," said Gail Good, air management program director with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. "By clarifying and simplifying the lithographic printing RACT rules, facilities will now be subject to one of the two rules, with no facility subject to both rules."

Good said other notable changes include clarification of compliance demonstration requirements and streamlined testing requirements for printing facilities with low emissions.

DNR has compiled information on all environmental requirements that may impact printers on a new Printer Portal page of the DNR website as part of a coordinated effort with industry to provide compliance assistance and sustainability resources. These efforts are part of an ongoing partnership established through a Green Tier Charter made up of printer trade associations and the department to foster collaboration on regulatory streamlining initiatives, education on compliance and sustainability strategies, and promotion of new technologies and processes that result in more efficient, sustainable printing operations.

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