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Contact(s): Madeline Magee, 608-266-5228,
May 21, 2019

MADISON - People who enjoy Wisconsin's Great Lakes beaches have an opportunity to submit comments to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources regarding the current listing of coastal beaches and boat launches. The agency would like to hear whether people feel any beaches are missing or not properly identified on the Wisconsin beach list; whether there are some boat launches that are no longer active and should be omitted; and whether there are any concerns with additions, removals or consolidated listings.

Lake Michigan beach at Harrington Beach State Park. - Photo credit: DNR
Lake Michigan beach at Harrington Beach State Park.Photo credit: DNR

"Public comments ensure the Wisconsin beach list reflects locally used names along with the status of beaches and boat launches due to changing natural conditions and public access," said Madeline Magee, Wisconsin beach program manager.

To maintain eligibility for funding under the federal BEACH Act, state programs must provide an opportunity for public comment when changes to the list or monitoring program occur. The current list includes some new beaches and changes or repairs to existing beaches.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requires all Wisconsin beaches along the Lake Michigan and Lake Superior shorelines to be identified and prioritized for water quality monitoring. A "beach" is defined as any place that the public has recreational access to the water, regardless of whether the location is used for swimming. Boat launches, some natural areas, and private beaches available to the public are included.

Public comments on the listings and potential program changes should be emailed to For more information, visit and search "beaches."

Last Revised: Tuesday, May 21, 2019

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