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Contact(s): Jim Dick, DNR spokesperson, 608-267-2773
November 7, 2017

MADISON -Wisconsin's beautiful state parks, bountiful wildlife and hunting opportunities and world-class fisheries are on full display on the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources new Instagram account.

The Instagram account, titled @wi_dnr, gives followers an inside look at what makes Wisconsin one of the premiere outdoor destinations in the country. While many posts will showcase work done by DNR staff in the field, amateur photographers and outdoor enthusiasts of all types are encouraged to submit photos and videos to be shared on the page.

The new DNR Instagram account will feature photos like this six-lined racerunner scurrying around and enjoying life in Wisconsin this summer.
The new DNR Instagram account will feature photos like this six-lined racerunner scurrying around and enjoying life in Wisconsin this summer.
Photo Credit: Rich Staffen

"Social media gives DNR staff an opportunity to interact directly with the public and also creates a venue to share stories and experiences with others from all over the world," said Erik Barber, DNR social media coordinator. "At the click of a button, we can promote our projects and help our users understand what we do each day to improve their time in the outdoors. Wild Wisconsin, which gives viewers an inside look at deer management, has already been seen more than 80,000 times - we see social media as the future of communicating with the public."

The DNR will regularly upload new photos to the Instagram account of people enjoying Wisconsin's state parks, forests trails and recreation areas as well as hunters and anglers out in the field. You'll also find photos of the state's abundant natural resources. People can view the DNR's Instagram page at (all social media links exit DNR).


For a more interactive experience, the DNR Facebook page, which recently surpassed 100,000 likes, features hunting, fishing and state park posts throughout the week, with an opportunity to interact directly with DNR staff.


For people who like to get their news on the go, Twitter provides bite-sized updates for a number of DNR programs and events. Check out the DNR Twitter account.


For a closer look at some of the department's most interesting projects and programs, the DNR YouTube channel provides an inside look at everything from tips for deer season to environmental success stories. The department's most recent video series, Wild Wisconsin, is uploaded there on the featured playlist. Wild Wisconsin provides deer hunters with all the information they need to know before heading to the woods with an exciting web series and information-packed podcasts.


The DNR LinkedIn page allows the department to distribute job openings to over 5,000 followers at a time. If you're having trouble finding the ideal candidate for a position, try promoting it here. This platform is filled with job seekers looking for exciting and challenging opportunities.

Stay connected with the Wisconsin DNR and the outdoors by checking out any and all of the Wisconsin DNR social media platforms.

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