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Contact(s): Melanie Burns, waste management specialist, 414-263-8652 or Trish Nitschke, DNR office of communications, 920-360-3252
March 15, 2016

MILWAUKEE -A new Monofilament Recovery and Recycling Program is underway, in Wisconsin to encourage anglers to "reel in and recycle" their used fishing line.

Fishing line recycling boxes are now available at nine DNR offices.
Fishing line recycling boxes are now available at nine DNR offices.
Photo Credit: WDNR

Recycling boxes are now in place at nine Department of Natural Resources service centers throughout the state. These include Milwaukee, Waukesha, Fitchburg, Ashland, Green Bay, Eau Claire, La Crosse, Rhinelander, and Oshkosh. The Berkley Conservation Institute provides the postage-paid collection boxes at no charge. Full boxes are mailed back to the institute where the line will be melted down into raw plastic pellets to make new products like tackle boxes, spools for fishing line, toys, and fishing habitat structures.

Recycling monofilament fishing line is important, according to state wildlife officials, who say that when disposed of improperly, the line can cause entanglement and ingestion issues for wildlife, problems for swimmers and divers, boat propellers and the environment. More information about two-year pilot recycling program can be found by searching the DNR website,, for "recycling monofilament fishing line."

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