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September 22, 2015

MADISON - People interested in learning how to hunt for their own food, but not sure how to get started can sign up for a Learn to Hunt event, which combine classroom instruction and ends with a real hunt with an experienced hunter.

Keith Warnke, hunting and shooting sports coordinator for the Department of Natural Resources, says safety while that is always the top priority of any Learn to Hunt event, they are also a lot of fun.

"You'll start in a classroom with detailed, easy-to-grasp information from a certified Hunter's Education Instructor. Then you'll head into field work for more expert instruction," Warnke says. "After all of this mentored instruction, you will go on an actual hunt with an experienced hunter."

The instruction doesn't stop with operating a firearm in a safe manner.

" Learn to Hunt attendees also learn about species' biology, conservation, firearm safety, and hunting tactics before participating in the hunt," Warnke says.

Families part of the state's hunting history

"Wisconsin has an extremely strong hunting heritage," Warnke says. "However, many people interested in hunting are not fortunate enough to have access to family or friends to share those hunting traditions."

One of the goals of the LTH program is to provide people with the training and experience to take up hunting.

"Part of our recruitment program includes a focus on families that want to learn to hunt together." Participation by adults in learn to hunt events continues to grow as has the participation of novice female hunters.

"These are good signs that interest in hunting is expanding," he says. "That means active hunters need to provide as many training opportunities as we can.

Find an event near you!

Learn to Hunt events welcome novice hunters 10 years of age and older. No license is required for Learn to Hunt events and, since novices will be paired with a mentor, hunter education requirements are waived. Learn to Hunt events are usually free and take place over a weekend.

Many local conservation groups and hunting clubs are sponsoring a variety of Learn to Hunt events this fall. Currently several events are scheduled for pheasant, waterfowl, mourning dove, and squirrel. Check the DNR website at " and search keyword "LTH" to find the list of upcoming Learn to Hunt events.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Keith Warnke. Hunting and Shooting Sport Coordinator, 608-576-5243; Joanne M. Haas, Bureau of Law Enforcement, 608-354-1184.

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