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June 3, 2014

MADISON - Contractors, consultants and construction firms in the business of building and demolition are reminded to check out free information available on-line from the Department of Natural Resources to help safely manage hazardous waste and other materials.

"Planning Your Demolition or Renovation Project" is a simple, step-by-step checklist from the DNR for identifying and evaluating hazardous waste, recyclables and other waste during construction and remodeling work.

The publication is available for free in English [PDF] and Spanish [PDF] by searching the DNR website for keyword "construction," and looking under the tab for "Waste and Debris."

"To avoid project delays and account for any necessary pre-demolition or renovation activities, Wisconsin builders and re-developers should consult this checklist before developing a project calendar," said Amy Walden, DNR Waste Management Program specialist.

Walden added that, prior to demolition, workers should conduct a walkthrough to identify and remove any containers of hazardous material - e.g., oil-based paints, herbicides, paint thinner, oil - from the site. These containers should be separated for proper disposal to an off-site facility. The DNR has a pilot project [PDF] for managing contractor-generated hazardous waste.

"We're providing these resources to help building owners, contractors and other trade professionals make the decisions necessary to keep their workers safe and their projects successful," said Walden.

An asbestos inspection and notification to the DNR are also required, said Walden, before starting a non-residential demolition project and, in some cases, for renovation projects.

Contractors and companies that work with structures should be familiar with the potential hazardous waste in their workplace, such as asbestos and lead paint. Information on training and certification for asbestos and lead is available through the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

For project-specific questions, contact your local DNR Waste Program staff person listed under "Staff contacts" on the waste information pages of the DNR website.

More information on proper disposal for construction and demolition project materials - including how to collect and recycle debris - is available by searching the DNR website for keyword "construction."

You can also contact WasteCap Resource Solutions (exit DNR) for training and resource information regarding construction and demolition.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Amy Walden, 608-266-0272

Last Revised: Tuesday, June 03, 2014

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