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April 22, 2014

MADISON - Enrollment for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Deer Management Assistance Program will begin April 29, 2014. DMAP provides habitat and herd management assistance to landowners interested in managing their property for deer and other wildlife.

DNR wildlife and forestry professionals will work with participants to develop consistent and realistic goals for their property. In return, participants will share information, collect biological and observational data and attend annual meetings and workshops.

DMAP will offer three levels of participation:

Level one is intended for landowners interested in learning more about DMAP before deciding to apply for a higher level of enrollment. There is no deadline for enrolling at level one -- participants will receive habitat and herd management information, annual program reports and invitations to regional DMAP meetings and workshops.

Participants at level two will receive the above benefits, but will also receive eligibility for reduced-price antlerless tags, an on-site visit from local DNR wildlife and forestry staff and a property management plan. Level three benefits include, in addition to those granted in levels one and two, assistance with population monitoring, habitat evaluations and additional site visits as needed. To be eligible for participation in levels two and three in 2014, landowners must apply by May 30, 2014.

Landowners with property within one-half mile of one another may choose to form a group cooperative. Cooperatives are a great way for interested parties to qualify at a higher DMAP level, minimize participation costs and benefit from the consistent application of management practices over a larger area.

Enrollment in DMAP is also an option for public lands that may require specialized deer herd and habitat management attention. Public land managers interested in receiving more information should contact the DMAP coordinator.

In 2014, all level one applications will be accepted for enrollment. However, enrollment in levels two and three will be limited. Applications received in 2014 but not accepted in levels two or three will automatically be enrolled at level one and will be processed for enrollment in higher levels beginning in 2015.

Interested landowners may apply via a MyDMAP online application system that will go live on the DNR website beginning April 29 or by requesting a hard-copy and mailing it to Bob Nack, DNR DMAP coordinator, PO Box 7921, Madison WI 53707-7921. For more information search the DNR website for keyword "DMAP."

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Bob Nack, DMAP Coordinator, 608-264-6137

Last Revised: Tuesday, April 22, 2014

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