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March 4, 2014

MADISON - In a new Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources' Annual Report [PDF], DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp showcases successes that stem from working together with the people and businesses of Wisconsin, where making an investment in their DNR is generating results throughout the state.

"A priority for DNR is to build bridges and make connections with all who enjoy and use Wisconsin's natural resources,". Stepp said. "We have made big strides by focusing on communications and using innovative ways to do so -- to help us be accessible all over the state, even when we're sitting at our desks. But we also have more experts, more boots on the ground to do more and more for the benefit of our natural resources. I am proud of what we've accomplished as a state, as an agency, by working together."

In addition to recognizing accomplishments on the ground, Stepp also shares praise of the agency's employees. "I am fortunate to be the secretary of an agency that is filled with such passionate and talented people. The items in the report would not have been possible without their skills and professionalism."

Highlights from the report include:

The agency assembles and shares the annual report as one vehicle to share how the investments the Wisconsinites make in their DNR are paying dividends. As part of this, DNR is also releasing today a new agency report card [PDF]. "Telling our customers - the public - how we're performing is not a new idea," said Stepp. "But we think this report card is a great new way to quickly show folks how we're measuring up while providing some benchmarks upon which we can continuously improve."

The report is a one-page "dashboard" view available by searching the DNR website for keywords "lean gov." The report covers the agency's five areas of focus: Natural Resources & Environment, People, Economy, Recreation and Health & Safety.

Stepp added that the department plans on updating the report card, possibly every quarter.

To provide feedback on the report card, or on any other DNR customer service, please visit the DNR website and take a customer.

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Last Revised: Tuesday, March 04, 2014

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