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January 28, 2014

Help Wisconsin's environment this spring by planting trees

MADISON -- The Wisconsin State Nursery Program sells high-quality native tree and shrub seedlings to landowners to plant on their Wisconsin land. The seedlings may only be used for conservation purposes including forest products, wildlife habitat and erosion control. The state seedlings may not be resold, nor used for landscaping, decorative or Christmas tree production.

"Trees help in so many ways," said Pat Murphy, state nursery program team leader for the Department of Natural Resources. "Trees provide wildlife habitat, materials for the state's strong forest products industry, protect soils from erosion and do much to improved air and water quality. Trees also sequester carbon from the atmosphere and add beauty to our surroundings."

Landowners are encouraged to get professional planting advice from local DNR foresters, state nursery staff or other professional foresters. The minimum order is 300 seedlings and must be ordered in increments of 100 of each species. Larger orders received price reductions.

To learn more, contact the Wisconsin State Nursery Program at 715-424-3700, or go to and search the keywords, "tree planting."

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Pat Murphy - 715-424-3760

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