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December 18, 2012

MADISON - Four more companies are slated to join the state's innovative Green Tier program, and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is seeking public comment on their applications. Eden Stone Company; Empire Screen Printing, Inc.; Milwaukee Brewing Company and Precision Color Graphics, Ltd., have each applied for Tier 1 of the program, designed to encourage innovation, collaboration and new environmental goal setting.

To join Green Tier an applicant must have a good environmental record, a willingness to exceed regulatory requirements and a commitment to a formal Environmental Management System or plans to adopt one.

Public comments on the Green Tier applicants will be taken through Jan. 16, 2013. Specific information on these applicants and the Green Tier program can be found on the Green Tier public comment page.

Comments may be directed to the DNR Environmental Assistance Coordinator listed for each applicant, or to Mark McDermid, Wisconsin DNR, CO/5, PO Box 7921, Madison WI 53707-7921 or by email to, 608-267-3125.

While the requirements for eligibility are the same for all applicants, the specific sustainability actions to achieve superior environmental performance are established by the participant. This allows participants to commit to an environmental strategy that is sensitive to their unique strengths and opportunities.

Eden Stone Company, located in the Eden, Valders, Chilton and Oakfield communities of Wisconsin, uses 100 percent of its natural rock product with zero waste. Scrap and waste rock is used as fill, berm material and road building material, or is occasionally crushed into aggregate and used in a variety of applications.

Empire Screen Printing in Onalaska is an industry leader in sustainable screen print methods. They are the first company to introduce and develop breakthrough technology using ultraviolet light-emitting diode curing technology for screen printing. This technology eliminates ozone emissions and lowers energy consumption by replacing previously used mercury lamps with LED lamps.

At Milwaukee Brewing Company in Milwaukee, the boiler system is partially fueled by bio-diesel that is made from waste vegetable oil from local restaurants. This allows them to directly offset their carbon from traditional fuel sources. They are also installing an array of solar panels to pre-heat brewing water which is a renewable source instead of carbon based fuels.

Precision Color Graphics in Franklin is the first company to bring the fully compostable Ecoterah™ branded multi-wall bag to the market. In Ecoterah products, petroleum-based plastics are replaced with plant-based biopolymers, making the material safe for recycling, composting and landfills.

For more information, search the DNR website for keywords Green Tier.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Mark McDermid, DNR, 608-267-3125

Last Revised: Tuesday, December 18, 2012

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