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October 30, 2012

MADISON -- It's late in the day and a beautiful night is on the way. You're in your tree stand and you realize you don't have the hunting regulation pamphlet with you. You don't know if it is still legal to shoot. Now what do you do?

It's very simple. The answer is in your palm. (See below how to get it!)

Sunrise sunset QR code
Sunrise sunset QR code

Look at your Android phone. Tap on the new "Sunrise-Sunset" app and learn immediately the legal times of the day to shoot at your location. It's so simple you'll think it's cheating, but it's not.

Tested by Wisconsin conservation wardens, the app has been developed by the Department of Natural Resources Bureau of Law Enforcement to answer your needs.

Using a GPS system, the app tells you to the second the opening and closing time for various hunting seasons for your current location.

You also can use it to learn the opening and closing times for locations anywhere in the state or for future dates.

The app is really simple

Just turn on your phone's GPS.

The app comes complete with a state time zone map tab, an informational tab and an email shortcut to notify the DNR about app needs and issues.

How to get it

Not only is it efficient, it's cheap - that's 99 cents cheap! Here are two surefire ways to get it:

*Note, this app is not yet available in i-Tunes.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Karl Brooks, deputy chief warden, 608-266-7820; Joanne M. Haas, public affairs manager, Bureau of Law Enforcement, 608-267-0798

Last Revised: Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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