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September 4, 2012

MADISON - The public can continue to report deer observations in Wisconsin online through Sept. 30, to help state wildlife managers estimate the annual production in the state's deer herd.

"Perhaps you catch them nibbling on your backyard plants in the morning or maybe they've become a familiar sight along your route to work, deer sightings are a part of our everyday routine' say Brian Dhuey, wildlife surveys database manager for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Through the Operation Deer Watch survey, people are asked when they spot a deer, to write down the date, what type of deer it was (buck, doe, or fawn), and the deer management unit (map provided with tally sheet).

Since August 1, more than 3,402 deer have been reported by 365 participants who have spotted 467 bucks, 1,560 does, 1,031 fawns, and 344 unknowns.

"Deer seem to have an unnerving habit of just suddenly being there, so you might want to keep your tally sheet nearby - good places are your car or wallet," says Brian Dhuey.

To enter your observations from your tally sheet online, go to the Wisconsin DNR homepage [] and search FOR "deer watch."

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Brian Dhuey (608) 221-6342 or Jes Rees (608) 221-6360

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