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September 4, 2012

Early season goose hunting to close on Sept. 15 with the start of the regular season the following day

MADISON -Regular season Canada goose hunting in the Exterior and Horicon Zones opens Sunday Sept. 16. This weekend will also include the 2-day Youth Waterfowl hunt on Sept 15 and 16.

"As fall approaches, it brings with it the sounds of what famed conservationist Aldo Leopold referred to as 'goose music'", said James Christopoulos, assistant migratory game bird ecologist.

"With good Canada goose production here in Wisconsin and fair production of the birds that breed in Ontario, hunters should have ample opportunities this year, especially given the extra week of hunting in the Exterior zone."

Christopoulos reminds hunters in both the Exterior and Horicon zones that on opening day the 9 a.m. start of shooting hours for ducks also applies to goose hunters during the duck opener in each respective zone.

Exterior Zone Canada goose seasons

Hunters should note that the goose season is closed during the duck season split: North zone (closed Nov. 5-9) South zone (closed Oct 8-12) and Miss. subzone (closed Oct 1- 12). This year the Exterior zone goose season has been extended by 7 days and will run for 92 days with a 2 bird daily bag limit.

Horicon Canada goose season

The Horicon zone Canada goose season has two time periods:

Hunters who applied for the Horicon zone will receive 6 harvest tags. The daily bag limit is two Canada geese.

Youth Waterfowl Hunt

This year's Youth Waterfowl hunt will be held Sept. 15- 16. This special hunt offers youth age 12-15 (or those 10 or over hunting under the mentored hunting law) the opportunity to learn from an adult who can focus solely on developing the youth hunter's skills.

Normal season bag limits apply. All license and stamp requirements are waived, although participants are reminded that they need to be HIP registered (free of charge) and that for hunting geese they must possess a goose tag for the zone in which they wish to hunt. Those who may harvest geese should note that on Sept 15th a youth can harvest 5 geese and would require an Early season permit. Because Sept 16th falls during the regular goose season, in the Exterior goose zone a youth must possess an Exterior permit to hunt geese and in the Horicon zone would need a Horicon permit for either time period.

Christopoulos notes that while many youth enjoy this special hunt alongside a parent or relative, each year about one in seven youth are able to participate only because a family friend, neighbor, or volunteer mentor was generous enough to take the time to teach them the tradition of waterfowling. To find out more about how to get involved in a Learn to Hunt waterfowl clinic, search LTH on the DNR website.

For more information search for Waterfowl hunting on the DNR website.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: James Christopoulos, Assistant Migratory Game Bird Ecologist (608) 261-6458

Last Revised: Tuesday, September 04, 2012

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