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July 3, 2012

MILWAUKEE -- For several years Department of Natural Resources employees have been working with local businesses to expand, create jobs and improve the environment.

DNR's hands-on role in job creation is highlighted in videos developed to showcase the state's brownfields and Green Tier partnerships with businesses and communities. The video, titled: "Wisconsin DNR Business Profiles," is being featured on the homepage of the agency's website beginning July 3 and available on the Business News playlist on the Wisconsin DNR YouTube channel.

"We want job creators to know how our agency can partner local businesses with local staff," according to DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp. "We encourage them to contact us early in the process, so we can help them grow their business and be an even greater asset to their communities by going beyond mere environmental compliance and by bringing vital businesses to neglected urban locations." The video features two Wisconsin businesses and a municipality:

Skana Aluminum-- This Manitowoc - based company cast and rolls aluminum coil. It began operation in 2010 when it took over the 55-year-old Mirro rolling mill after the company filed bankruptcy. The company received funding and consultation for environmental remediation, and more than 100 jobs have been created. Governor Walker toured the plant last September and praised it as a model for job creation.

Holsum Dairies, LLC. -- This Green Tier Level 1participant is home to two Grade A dairy farms, (Irish Dairy and Elm Dairy), located near Hilbert. Each farm cares for nearly 3600 milking cows and 400 dry cows at any one time. Owners have made great strides in water conservation and processing manure for energy and beneficial use.

Last May, Governor Walker signed an executive order directing the DNR to enhance its already existing Green Tier program to meet both environmental and economic development goals. Under the new Executive Order, the DNR will increase access to the program by providing ready-to-use models for specific business sectors. Also, in conjunction with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, the DNR will proactively reach out to Wisconsin businesses in order to tout the benefits of the program.

Phoenix Park -The DNR partnered with the City of Eau Claire and Royal Credit Union to help redevelop a contaminated 12- acre downtown site. The agency provided grant assistance to aid the city in acquisitions and demolitions, establishing green spaces, bike trails, a riverfront park and amphitheater. Redevelopment of the blighted area lead to the creation of a bustling Farmer's Market and was the catalyst for $14 million in new construction that brought 200 jobs downtown.

"Taxpayers need to know that Wisconsin's economic vitality is no less critical to DNR than any other state agency," Stepp said. "At DNR, jobs and environmental protection do not compete with each other, they complement each other. This agency is going to continue to do its part to keep Wisconsin moving forward."

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Allen Shea, Director, Office of Business Support and Sustainability, 608- 266-5896 or Marcus Smith, Regional Public Affairs Manager, 414-263-8516

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