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June 5, 2012

MADISON -- The cover story in the June issue of Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine, "Sharing some walleye wisdom," features tips from a veteran angler to get people excited about chasing walleye, along with some advice for how to land ol' marble eyes.

June Wisconsin Natural Resources

Tick season came early and with that emergence, is a concern for Lyme disease. The story, "Tiny menace," provides steps for reducing one's chances of getting Lyme disease.

"Fishin' for pike with Frank and Mike" pays tribute to those people who have taken the time to teach us how to fish.

Duck banding takes center stage in a feature about the Grand River Marsh Wildlife Area, "Thirty years and nearly 35,000 ducks later." The Department of Natural Resources relies on volunteers to keep the program alive.

"Reinforcing a foundation in oak" stresses the importance of oaks in the ecosystem and cites reasons the author is concerned for the future of oak growth.

"Building Bird Cities" shows why the designation of a Bird City Wisconsin can be a feather in a community's cap. This summer, the program's distinctive street signs will help welcome residents and visitors alike to 50 communities statewide.

June is Invasive Species Awareness Month in Wisconsin. Readers will learn how they can help stop the spread of known invaders and prevent the introduction of new species in "Slow the spread by hand and tread."

Creature Comforts celebrates the motley turkey vulture and its role as nature's recycler. Traveler visits the Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway that cuts across the state and provides a glimpse into our rich and vibrant past.

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