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February 21, 2012

MADISON - The deer hunting seasons might still be months away, but the Department of Natural Resources is already gearing up with a series of deer hunter forums in March. Anyone interested in the opportunity to discuss local deer management issues, hunting seasons, and any other deer topic is encouraged to attend.

Wisconsin has long been known as one of the most publicly-driven deer management programs in the country. And in recent years, thousands of volunteers have gotten involved in deer research projects providing data to estimate the size of the herd and sharing personal observations about hunting success, season structure, and the herd itself.

The March deer hunter forums will put the public in direct contact with the local biologist responsible for managing the local deer herd, and are intended to both share information about deer management and gather information from hunters about deer where they live, hunt or farm.

The format of meetings will vary, but in many cases the local wildlife biologist will provide a brief presentation followed by a question and answer period. Some meetings may also have an open house format, allowing attendees to stop in anytime during the scheduled time.

Everyone interested is encouraged to attend the meetings that cover deer management in areas where they hunt or live, but are also welcome to attend any of the meetings.

If unable to attend a live forum, for the first time this year the public will be able to get unit-specific information and contribute feedback through the DNR website. Check the DNR home page for updates.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Kevin Wallenfang, Big Game Ecologist (608) 261-7589, Bob Manwell (608) 264-9248 or area wildlife biologists listed for the meeting locations in the meeting calendar.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: These meetings are not to be confused with those being offered by James Kroll, also known as Dr. Deer, as part of the Deer Trustee's Deer Management Review that is currently underway. Those meetings will take place in April at six locations yet to be announced.]

2012 Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Deer Hunter Forum Locations
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