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August 23, 2011

Leftover permits will be sold on an over-the-counter basis

MADISON - Remaining permits for the 2011 fall turkey hunting season will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis starting at noon on Saturday, August 27.

In total, 95,700 permits were available for the fall 2011 turkey season. There were 41,332 permits issued to hunters who applied by the August 1 application deadline, leaving 54,368 permits available after the drawing for over-the-counter sales. Postcard notifications will be sent to all other customers who were awarded a permit. Permits will be mailed to conservation patrons who were awarded a permit in the drawing. Hunters interested in finding out their results sooner can also check their permit status by using the Online Licensing Center.

Hunters interested in picking up leftover, or over-the-counter, turkey permits should check the turkey zone map [PDF] to verify where they want to hunt and then check the turkey leftover permit availability page to see if permits are available for the zone in which they wish to hunt.

Leftover turkey permit will continue until all permits are sold or the turkey season comes to an end. Hunters are limited to purchasing one leftover permit per day, although there is no limit on the total number of permits that an individual hunter can purchase.

All of the available leftover permits are for turkey management zones 1-5; there were no leftover permits available for zones 6 or 7 after the initial drawing.

The fee for leftover turkey permits is $5 for 10 and 11 year olds, $10 for residents and $15 for non-residents. All permit buyers will also be required to pay the fall turkey license and stamp fees, unless they have previously purchased the license and stamp or are a 2011 Conservation Patron License holder. Residents and non-residents will have equal opportunity to purchase over-the-counter permits. Purchasing these permits will not affect preference point status for future spring or fall turkey permit drawings.

Leftover fall turkey permits can be purchased through the Online Licensing Center on the DNR website, at all authorized license agents, at DNR Service Centers (Hours for service centers vary; check the DNR website for service center days and hours of operation; DNR Service Centers are not open on Saturdays), or by calling toll-free 1-877-LICENSE (1-877-945-4236).

Blaze orange required during any open gun deer season

Hunters are reminded of the requirement for blaze orange on ground blinds on DNR lands during any Gun Deer Season (see page 9 of the 2011 Wisconsin Small Game Hunting Regulations for more information). Ground blinds on DNR lands left unattended must also have the owner's name and address or DNR Customer ID number attached near the door opening. Ground blinds may not be left out overnight. These ground blind rules do not apply to ground blinds being used for waterfowl hunting or to blinds built only out of natural vegetation found on the DNR property.

Turkey hunters should also note that during any gun or muzzleloader deer season, including the October 8-9 youth deer hunt, antlerless hunts, and CWD hunts (see the 2011 Wisconsin Deer Hunting Regulations for season dates), blaze orange clothing is required. A hat, if worn, must be at least 50 percent blaze orange.

For more information, visit the wild turkey hunting in Wisconsin page on the DNR website.

Fall Wild Turkey Season Dates & Reminders

2011 Fall Wild Turkey Season Dates

2011 Fall Wild Turkey Extended Season Dates for Zones 1-5 ONLY

** Pending final approval by the Legislature. Please check the DNR website for updates**

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Scott Walter, Upland Wildlife Ecologist: (608) 264-7861 or Sharon Fandel, Assistant Upland Wildlife Ecologist: (608) 261-8458

Last Revised: Tuesday, August 23, 2011

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