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February 15, 2011

Dremel known for investigative skills, outreach programs

WAUPACA, Wis. - When Ted Dremel isn't hip-deep investigating crimes against Wisconsin's natural resources, he is organizing outdoor sports opportunities for kids, the physically challenged and senior war veterans.

These are among the reasons this 11-year veteran of the Department of Natural Resources Conservation Warden Service is the 2010 winner of the Haskell Noyes Conservation Warden Efficiency Award. The award is a gold watch provided by the Noyes family.

The annual honor named after the late prominent Milwaukee businessman Haskell Noyes for exemplary public service and natural resource protection.

"The Noyes Family will be pleased to present the Haskell Noyes Efficiency Award to Ted Dremel, a worthy recipient of 'The Watch,' later this spring in Waupaca," Chris Noyes, one of Mr. Noyes' grandsons, said. "Our family is honored to continue this 80-year tradition in partnership with the DNR."

"Ted has earned the public's trust and respect through his dedication to duty and leadership in his community," DNR Chief Warden Randy Stark said of Dremel, who has been stationed at Waupaca since 2006. "Ted has worked diligently at building a program that balanced enforcement, education and community involvement - while exceeding expectations in many other facets of the warden profession."

Dremel has led investigations in sensitive cases while never forgetting his public relations skills. He also has worked with other agencies in collaborative investigations. Among the more high-profile cases Dremel has been involved included the illegal slaughter of deer involving snowmobiles.

Known for his passion for creating outdoor opportunities for others, Dremel has organized and held a Learn to Hunt program annually for disabled hunters at the Hartman Creek State Park in the Waupaca area. He also has organized a hunt for senior veteran residents of the King Veterans Home in Waupaca on a local deer farm. And, he often can be found in the schools, or in front of business groups, civic and conservation groups sharing his skills, knowledge and abilities.

"This outreach has proved a great asset for his work as a warden and also for the Department as a whole," Stark said.

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