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November 16, 2010

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Deer Show 2010 aired Nov. 11 on the Wisconsin Channel of Wisconsin Public Televsion. Click on the photo to watch the entire program online."  [VIDEO Length 52:05]

MADISON - Deer Hunt 2010, an hour long look at the event of the season and one of Wisconsin's most fervent traditions - not to mention a cash-box bonanza for local economies, can be viewed on the Department of Natural Resources website at [].

Originally broadcast on Nov. 11 on Wisconsin Public Television, the entire show is now online. Organized by "chapters," viewers can settle in and watch the entire show start-to-finish or select chapters of interest.

The show is hosted by Dan Small, widely recognized host of Wisconsin Outdoors. Dan walks viewers through preparations for the hunt from gear selection to finding places to hunt and in a wrap-up segment around a campfire, hears from four veteran hunters why they hunt along with a few stories about how they became hunters.

DNR wildlife biologists and conservation wardens discuss season forecasts, safety and important new rules.

There is also a segment highlighting efforts to recruit new hunters and opportunities for parents from hunting and non-hunting families to expose their kids to hunting in safe and educational programs.

"We tried to build this year's show to offer something for every level of hunting experience and interest," said Small. "From seasoned veterans to first timers, I think all may find a thing or two that will help them enjoy the hunt and the traditions that go with it."

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